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   Chapter 576 The Kids Were Missing

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In this way, there was only one reason that could explain the current situation, that was Lisa to Marvin was not as familiar and intimate as people imagined.

No matter how happy, peaceful or tense their conversation was, Lisa shouldn't have vented his anger on Lancy!

The temperature in Lancy's eyes cooled down. "There's nothing to be dissatisfied with. If you have, go and find Marvin yourself! Do you really think I'm easy to be bullied? If you don't have the guts to look for him, don't try to get angry with me. "

Since Lisa was not a member of Marvin's circle, Lancy didn't have to be polite to her.

Love me, love my dog.

What's more, Lisa's attitude was really irritating!

With a gloomy face, Lisa was filled with resentment. "Finally, your kind face is torn apart! You finally showed your true colors! Lancy, what did you say to my master to drive me away? You must have said something to me in secret! "

Lisa roared angrily, pricking Lancy's ear.

Except for the past few years when she lost her memory, Lancy had never been a good tempered person.

Lancy didn't know if it was because of her "influence" in the past few years. At this moment, she felt it was incredible that she didn't lift the table to get angry. If it were her in the past, Lisa would never have a second chance to shout in front of her.

Lancy sighed in silence and couldn't help but rub her ears. "I didn't say anything. Do you believe me? Who on earth was the one who acted so frequently and who revealed her true colors? Why do you call me Mrs. Lancy? "

Lisa blushed. It was different. How could she be the same? She was different!

Seeing through what was on Lisa's mind at the moment, Lancy pressed Lisa step by step, "it's different. Why are you different? Don't you know what you have done these days? I don't understand. Lisa, how dare you question me? "

"What right do you have to question me?"

"Lisa, what are you dissatisfied with? What are you jealous of? What are you expecting? "

Lancy's cold voice echoed in the air, and hit hard on Lisa's heart. "I thought you were smart, so I didn't make a fuss with you these days. I let you think it through, but unfortunately... You deserve it! You deserve it! "

It was just a dream to treat the enemy with spring like warmth!

"No matter what you are thinking, you shouldn't forget a little."

Biting her teeth and smelling a fishy smell, Lisa glared at Lancy, not willing to let go of her, not willing to give up.

Lancy said word by word, "you forgot that you are just his disciple, maybe not even his disciple. And I, Lancy, is his wife, the wife he has admitted. "

Lancy didn't use the two words "marriage certificate". No evidence was more important than his own recognition.

"You try your best to please the whole Lu clan, and try to play a big play of peace in front of him. On the surface, you are on good terms with me, but on the contrary, you step on me secretly, and even in front of me Lisa, are you stupid or not? Do you still think you are flawless? Why do yo

from Lancy at the same time... In particular, there was no good news coming back.

Everyone was kind-hearted, but as a mother, how could she not worry about her child?

Lancy couldn't control herself and didn't want to control herself either.

She tried her best to calm down. Who on earth had the motivation to take her children away? All of a sudden, Lancy thought of the incident at the foot of the mountain. Francis...

All of a sudden, Lancy rushed out of the room and bumped into Francis who was knocking at the door.

Lancy was stunned. The next second, she dragged Francis into the room and closed the door again.

"Sister, don't be so excited. You are still pregnant with a baby!" "What's the matter? Let's talk about it," said Francis who was dragged in forcefully

As soon as Francis finished speaking, Lancy came up to him. Her bright black eyes were now covered with a layer of haze. "Francis, have you received any news from the organization?"

"…… No. " Francis shook her head and said, "at that time, there was no one alive except me. The superior hasn't contacted me yet... We can't get in touch with our captain. The higher ups should know what's going on, right? "

Francis's words contained a lot of information.

The only survivor of his action was now on Lancy's side.

There was no possibility that someone would inform her.

Even if the organization knew it, they wouldn't know it too soon.

Lancy's eyes darkened and her eyebrows furrowed. She hadn't relaxed her vigilance until now. "Who assigned you this task?"

This was the problem that Lancy had always ignored, and also the key to her opinion at the moment.

Not knowing why, Lancy suddenly had a feeling that as long as she knew who was going to deal with Marvin, she might know who kidnapped the children.

Francis lowered his head slightly as if he was thinking about something. The smile on his face covered up something perfectly. Francis said, "it seems to be Boliy. Boliy is the best fighter in the organization now. "

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