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   Chapter 575 Don't You Believe In My Ability

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"Let him stay for the time being. What do you think?" Lancy asked the man for his opinion.

After thinking for a while, Marvin looked at the direction of Francis and nodded, "Okay, let him stay first."

The reason why Lancy chose Francis was that she regarded Francis as her brother, and he had been missing for many years.

However, the reason why Marvin agreed to keep Francis was more of suspicion. It was precisely because of suspicion that she wanted to keep him under his watch.

No matter what, it was absolutely impossible to make Marvin dispel his suspicion immediately.

Even Lancy's first reaction was alert and disbelief, let alone Marvin?

It had to be said that the time and place of Francis's appearance were too coincidental.

The two whispered, which inevitably led to Freda's "dissatisfaction". Freda pouted her lips and blinked her sly eyes, "Grandpa, look at my brother and sister-in-law, you will know that they whispered, dare not pay attention to some

't try to vent your anger on me. If you have the ability, you can talk to him yourself. "

It must have something to do with Marvin.

Marvin must have said something to Lisa, otherwise Lisa, who was good at hiding, would suddenly go berserk!

Marvin was smart. He was not a man who could be easily fooled... It turned out that Lancy was right. Instead of making things difficult for a woman, a man's own attitude was the most important.

However, there was one thing that Lancy was wrong.

She looked at Lisa up and down. Did she underestimate the undeniable element of the BOSS, or did she overestimate the status of Lisa in his heart?

Judging from the mood of Lisa, she didn't seem to have a good conversation with Marvin. To be honest, it was beyond Lancy's expectation.

Although the man was cold and indifferent, he was actually very tolerant of "his own people".

He was very tolerant to himself, his grandfather, his mother-in-law, Sherry, and even Mrs. Wilson.

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