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   Chapter 574 Being Expelled

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Lisa asked, but she didn't say a word.

Marvin looked steadily forward. Compared with the heavy blow to Lisa, he was not affected at all. No, it should be said that the temperature around him was even colder, emitting a breath that prevented strangers from approaching.

You were not like this before!

Lisa clenched his fists. There was nothing more cruel than her master asking her to leave. Why? Why was it so sudden? What on earth did she do wrong?

Was it just because of her complaint?

Lisa gritted his teeth. God knew how she forced a smile. She tried to calm herself down and smiled, "Master, my holiday is not over yet!"

Lisa laughed and tried to muddle through.

But this time, it might not be that easy.

In particular, Marvin had realized what Lisa had done to Lancy, or in other words, she had deliberately created some illusions.

"It's time to end it." Without any hesitation, Marvin said firmly. "You can go back after today. It's time to go back... "

Lisa knew that he had made a decision that was irreversible.

At that moment, tears were about to fall.

She took a deep breath. Her heart was pressed by a huge stone, and she could hardly breathe! Finally, when her sanity collapsed, she asked impulsively, "master, did she say something to you?"

She, of course, referred to Lancy.

In a fit of anger, she didn't even call Mrs. Lancy. This was the true thought of Lisa. She had never really recognized Lancy, nor had she really wanted to call her like that.

After a pause, Marvin finally looked straight at Lisa.

Lisa was shocked and impulsive, inadvertently revealing the most essential thing.

Lies and illusions would be exposed one day! No matter how good her acting skill was, it was useless.

"Lancy didn't say anything. She is never the kind of person who needs to tell on others behind their backs," said Marvin, squinting coldly at Lisa. Lisa, you are crossing the line. "

Her face turned blue and blue because of his words. At this moment, Lisa actually had no confidence at all.

"Master, it's not like that. You misunderstood me. Please let me explain..." No matter how hard he tried to explain, it would be a waste of time. Lisa didn't believe it. It must be that Lancy had said something.

Otherwise, how could Marvin change his attitude in such a short time?

Everything was fine before Lancy arrived at the party.

Lisa couldn't help but hate Lancy, unwilling and resentful!

"This is my order, not your choice, understand?" The cold voice of Marvin echoed in her ears. Lisa didn't know when the man left her, but stood there in a daze.

She was like a person abandoned by the whole world, pale, fragile and vulnerable! No one could understand how important Marvin was to Lisa.

Lisa only felt that his heart seemed to have been hollowed out by life. The blood wa

s. They were excited and felt that they cherished each other more. Even Myron had forgotten his troubles and his eyes became clear again.

There was nothing better than family and brotherhood.

On the other side, Mr. Sidney looked at the scene and smiled with satisfaction. That was what a family should do.

Another party was also paying attention to them.

Francis was chatting with Lancy, but she suddenly stopped. He looked at the side of Marvin with his deep and mysterious eyes.

When Francis didn't notice, he suddenly became quiet.

He gazed at her. What a beautiful and happy scene?

It was so beautiful that no one could look at it directly!

Lancy just felt strange. Then she looked in the direction of his gaze and didn't think too much. After all, Marvin was the target of Francis. She always paid attention to him subconsciously.

"Is that his family?" Francis seemed to have adjusted her mood and asked curiously.

Lancy nodded slightly, with a hint of intoxicating tenderness in her eyes. "That's our family. Mom, brother, and little sister. "

The smile on Cary's face became unnatural for a second.

"What a happy family! It's really enviable... " Francis muttered, but they were still drowned.

If she didn't want others to know something, they would never know it.

Lancy didn't hear him clearly. She followed her heart. That was her family. Her family, at a very meaningful moment, how could it be less than her?

Lancy went back to the side of Marvin. With two children, the Lu clan had three generations at the same time. Many people were envious of this scene. It was the hope of the Lu clan to have a harmonious family.

"Who is that man?" Holding his wife's arm, Marvin whispered in her ear.

Lancy didn't hide it from Marvin, nor did she hide it from him. She explained everything about Francis, including the attack at the foot of the mountain.

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