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   Chapter 573 Who Are You

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Francis's performance was perfect. He could always lower the guard of his opponent in the shortest time.

Lancy suddenly understood what the Francis meant. Did he plan to stop because her relationship with Marvin? For the sake of the friendship between the two?

In fact, whether Francis decided to stop or continue to attack, the result was the same. Lancy wouldn't let Marvin get hurt.

However, Francis was hesitant. Lancy would appreciate it.

"Yes, he is very important to me." Lancy looked at Marvin with a smile. She didn't know since when they had become an inseparable part of each other. "He is my husband, the father of my children."

Lancy didn't hide anything, nor did she have anything to hide.

After saying that, Lancy was also stunned. Then she smiled foolishly. She had thought that she would not say their relationship in person, but it was actually different to admit it in her heart and to everyone.

Lancy had always thought that it would take a long time for her to make it. But she didn't expect that she would say it out without realizing it.

It could be seen that there was something that could be forced without any hesitation. When the time came, it was natural.

When Lancy sighed, the expression on Francis's face changed again and again, and finally disappeared in the endless darkness. "It turns out that my sister is really married! He is your man... An incomparably important person? "

Francis looked away and sighed, "in that case, I'll pretend that I know nothing! Anyway, the mission failed. "

Lancy was relieved. She was surprised that Francis would compromise so soon.

On the other end of the line, Marvin kept looking at them, confused and even shocked. The man had already found him, the man who suddenly appeared beside Lancy.

Of course, Francis noticed it.

"Anyway, all of them have been killed. It's not a big deal if I'm one more person." Francis giggled and seemed to think of something happy. "Sister, please take me in? You will take me in, won't you? "

Lancy was a little confused. When did she change the topic.

'Take him in? '?

Lancy hesitated.

Francis got close to Lancy again, opened her wet eyes and acted like a spoiled child. "Sister, I'm homeless now. I can rely on you. I promise that Francis will be very good to Marvin. "

Hearing that, Lancy was a little embarrassed. She thought that she really couldn't hold him!

She called him Marvin and it sounded nice.


"Francis, are you really going to stay here? You should know what it means. " Lancy said seriously. Being disorganized was the same as fleeing.

Once one did not return beyond a certain sight, he would be regarded as a traitor.

Of course, if you die in the mission, it is an exception.

Very few people would suddenly make such a decision between words.

In their world, organization was everything to

me to go back to the Lu mansion. She didn't know. It was normal.

The only reasonable explanation...

Lisa also paid attention to Lancy. He thought the man was angry because of a woman who was restless in the room. She couldn't help laughing. After making sure that she was safe, she was in an unprecedented good mood.

How could she flirt with another man on such an important occasion? That woman didn't deserve a master at all! She didn't care about her master at all. She was a skittish woman!

It turned out that in the heart of Lisa, Lancy, who had been taken away the power, had become an invisible place because she did not fight for it.

"Where is Lancy. Master is the main character today. She should accompany you." Lisa pretended to mutter casually. It seemed that she could lower his voice, but in fact, it was a voice that the man could hear clearly.

She did it on purpose. She did it on purpose.

Lisa's whispers finally attracted the attention of Marvin. The man raised his eyes and stared at her. He seemed to understand something.

Thinking of Lancy's temper during this period of time, Marvin thought of the host of the banquet, who was called Lisa. The hidden things were almost easily exposed.

His thin eyes narrowed slightly, bursting out sternness and displeasure! Marvin was totally different from ordinary men. He had heard about the thoughts between women, so he wouldn't be easily deceived like other men.

More importantly, he valued his wife more than Lisa.

People's hearts were always biased.

"Lisa, you have stayed in Alaska for a long time." All of a sudden, Marvin said coldly, "it's time to go back."

The man's words were unexpected and merciless.

Lisa's face suddenly turned pale.

"Master... Are you driving me away? " It seemed that a century had passed, and Lisa finally found her voice. Her voice was trembling, and she looked at Marvin in disbelief.

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