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   Chapter 571 Scheming

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Of course, some of them were bold. Although they had such a guess, they was still shameless to pry into the news of Lisa secretly.

Men's focus was often different from women's. women valued gossip more.

Both of them were gossips. Men were more interested in women.

Women, on the other hand, paid more attention to the gossip itself.

The purpose of the Lu Clan's banquet was to celebrate the birthday of its master. Whether it was with the Lu Clan or the business world, it was a top priority. The hostess was in charge of such a "big event".

In the past, even if the Lu Clan hadn't got married, it was Mrs. Wilson who helped them.

Moreover, the Lu Clan had a hostess, Mrs. Lancy.

Such an occasion should have been hosted by a specific person. Did Lisa replace Mrs. Lancy's position of the Lu Clan?

People with a discerning eye could clearly see that the delicate miss's eyes were full of Mr. Marvin. From time to time, she showed the innocence of her little daughter, and she was the hostess in front of the guests.

Everyone knew what was going on with her sentimental and possessive look?

In the upper class, there were many such things! In men's occasions, there were always women. Who said that the woman beside them must be his wife?

The men were amazed at first, and then smiled ambiguously.

The curious guests were not curious anymore. In their eyes, Lisa's identity was the beloved lover of Mr. Marvin.

As men, they didn't pay much attention to other women.

As for women, they had their own rules.

She had just said that some people with their families and some with their new lovers would attend such an occasion.

As a decent family member, he always despised women of that status, so he didn't come close to Lisa. Of course, they wouldn't offend each other in public. After all, they were new lovers.

While the other group was also "new favorites", which was different. In their eyes, they were women of the same class as Lisa. Since they were on the same team, it was better to be closer than the outside. There was no problem to look down upon them.

Moreover, Lisa was Mr. Marvin's "new favorite", and their men wanted to establish a relationship with the Lu Clan, so of course they had to come to Lisa. If they could really get close to Lisa, it might be a great help to the sugar daddy!

At that time, they would become "Heroes" and their status would be more guaranteed! Maybe she could get the position in one go

In this way, there were many enthusiastic guests surrounding streamer.

As for Lisa, she could still keep his mind at first, but after a long time, she heard too much flattery and became a little carried away! She had a crush on Marvin. These people's ambiguous subtext was exactly what she wanted to hear, what she liked to hear! Even though she knew it was flattery, she was willing to immerse herself in it.

This scene really made streamer light feel that she was his wife, his lover, and the closest person to him.


een, heard, and seen finally accumulated to this moment. Lisa finally admitted that she was jealous!

Lisa could no longer deceive herself. Her master had really changed, different from before! Especially in front of that woman...

Lisa couldn't accept this, really couldn't accept it!

Before she could notice it, Lisa's eyes turned red. No matter how tough a person's psychological quality was, Lisa couldn't bear such a difference! For the last trace of dignity, she looked away indifferently.

Marvin didn't resist Lancy's intimacy at all.

He probably knew what she wanted to do!

As expected, Lancy clung to him and smelled. She looked like a cute puppy! Others thought that Lancy was trying to find out if there was any other woman's scent on him, but Marvin knew it clearly. From her slightly frowned eyebrows, he knew the purpose of her behavior.

"You are hurt." Lancy was very sure. Obviously, his wound had been treated, and it was difficult to find any flaws in his every move! However, she couldn't hide it from Lancy.

Marvin had never thought of hiding it from her. He didn't take his injury seriously, as if he didn't know it at all. At this moment, he was still in the mood to joke with Lancy. "Dog nose? So smart?"

Lancy wrinkled her nose. Who the hell was the dog's name? She could smell it as soon as she smelled it! Ah, that's not the point. The point is his injury! "Are you really hurt? Is it related to the chaos at the foot of the mountain? "

Marvin held Lancy with one hand. Outsiders thought they were talking about something insignificant, but they never thought that their topic was so serious and full of crisis at this moment.

Marvin nodded slightly and lowered his voice, "It's not a big deal! I don't know which group it is. It took a little time to solve it. But fortunately, you are all right! "

Lancy raised her eyebrows. It took him a little time to solve it. It could be seen that those people were not simple! What's more, they hurt him...

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