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   Chapter 570 A Killer Who Doesn't Look Like A Killer At All

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9789

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If Lancy had to describe him, he would be so beautiful! He was more like a flower in the greenhouse than a cold and ruthless killer.

Although it was not appropriate to describe a boy with flowers.

But it was suitable to describe this person.

The boy... Lancy was not sure whether she should call him a man or a boy! His temperament was incredibly clean.

As the enemies couldn't move, Lancy looked at the man vigilantly. The man narrowed his eyes, and his expression gradually softened from the original sternness, which was replaced by confusion, doubt and disbelief.

Lancy saw the expression on that man's face.

Lancy was confused. At this moment, the man suddenly asked, "Sister?"

It was supposed to be a tense scene, but because of the sudden call of "sister", the atmosphere suddenly changed. She became a little incoherent, which was really annoying.

Lancy didn't know what to say. Her lips twitched. She touched her ears subconsciously. Did she hear it wrong?


"Sister, is it really you?" All hostility was gone, and her clear black eyes had already curled into a seam, as harmless as a pet dog.

His eyes, smile and eyebrows were full of trust.

Frowning slightly, Lancy tilted her head and looked at him up and down. She stared at his face, as if, it was a little familiar? "Sister, are you calling me?"

The man was stunned. He blinked his eyes and rushed straight to Lancy, regardless of the wounds on his body.

If it weren't for the fact that he was seriously injured and his weapon had been thrown away, Lancy would have kicked him... She knew the basic sense of defense and self-defense.

God knew how hard she endured the moment the man pounced on her.

"Sister, don't you remember me?" The man frowned with some injuries. He looked at Lancy up and down, as if he wanted to see a flower on her face.

Seeing that Lancy still didn't respond, he twitched the corners of his mouth in disappointment. "It seems that what they said is true. Sister, do you really remember nothing? I'm Francis. Have you really forgotten me? "

Francis? Lancy's eyes flashed, and memories related to this name surged out.

The man who called himself Francis scratched his ear, not caring about the wound that hadn't been stopped bleeding at all. The dazzling blood seeped out like money, but he acted as if nothing had happened.

But the joy of reunion did not hurt him at all.

Looking at his pale face, Lancy couldn't bear to look straight at him.

Lancy was still trying to find her memory, while Francis squatted down. He looked up, his eyes full of expectation. "At that time, Francis was this tall! Sister, do you remember? "

The corners of Lancy's mouth twitched. The man's performance was so hard that it was really a memory with life. How could she not remember! There was indeed a person in her memory.

Francis... Lancy remembered that she did save a child on a missio

ey were one hour late.

In the manor, the guests had already arrived.

Dressed in a small suit, Ray looked like an adult. Holding his sister like Princess in his left hand, the two kids appeared in front of everyone.

All the guests knew that the boy and girl twins were the most precious treasures of the Lu Clan and the Lan Clan.

The two babies were like golden children and beautiful girls in the new year's paintings. They were so ugly that people wanted to hold them in their arms and kiss them at the first sight.

Of course, no one would do that.

That was the envy of the Lu Clan and the Lan Clan. Who dared to put on airs?

Then he looked at Ray. He looked like his father. There were four words on his nervous little face: "keep away from strangers".

Ray looked around and glanced at the guests passing by. There were many familiar faces. Finally, he looked at the woman called Lisa beside his father.

Ray and Rani had only heard about Lisa from their mommy and aunt.

Because they spent most of their time in the great grandfather's house, they didn't have much contact with Lisa. However, from her aunt's words, Ray and Rani had already been suspicious.

But now, what they saw and heard only turned the doubt in their hearts into substance.

"Sister, look." Ray raised his chin and smiled.

That was the direction of Lisa.

In other words, he was in the direction of Daddy.

However, both Ray and Rani knew who they really cared about.

It was Lisa.

Lisa standing next to Marvin was especially radiant today. The girl was pure and lovely, and she also looked a little elegant as a little woman. The temperament between girls was unique.

What's more, everyone's eyes lit up. Little beauty, who doesn't love?

Many men present were attracted by Lisa. Cautious people could restrain themselves, because this beauty was standing beside Marvin

Some of them speculated about the identities of the two.

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