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   Chapter 569 Being Attacked

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The so-called manor, of course, was not in the city center, but in the suburb.

It covered a larger area than the Lu mansion and was as big as the ancient castle abroad. It was a place specially for distinguished guests, so not everyone could go in there.

Every year, the quota was limited. Usually, at the beginning of the year, the reserve would be full. Of course, there would be a special quota for the tallest manor.

The reason why it was special was because of special identity, status and financial resources.

In other words, even the leaders of the upper class might not be able to get the quota. It was strange that no one would make trouble with such a harsh request.

Every customer seemed to be well-behaved.

This also indirectly proved that the power behind the manor could not be underestimated.

It was the honor of the host to hold a banquet here. And the fact that Lisa could get the qualification to the manor made the Lu Clan admire her and think highly of her.

That was also the reason why Mr. Sidney agreed with Lisa's suggestion. Setting up the venue in the manor was definitely the first honor in the circle.

In particular, this was the first birthday that Marvin celebrated after he took over the Wilson Group, and it was particularly important.

Mr. Sidney had arranged everything in the manor, but Lancy and Marvin didn't arrive.

Compared with going to the manor to see Lisa act like the hostess, Lancy was more willing to go to the Lan Company to pick up her grandfather and two children.

Time was staggered.

Lancy started from the Lan Group, and of course, Marvin started from the Wilson Group after dealing with business.

Because of the location of the manor, it took almost two hours' drive.

When the car drove into the green forest area, almost at the same time, Marvin sensed something wrong. He exchanged a look with Luke. Luke looked serious and tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

They all smelled the murderous aura in the air.

Sure enough, at the turning point of the mountain, the banyan trees on the roadside suddenly uprooted and lied horizontally on the road. If it weren't for Luke's agile actions, he would have almost hit it.

The sound of brake was deafening, piercing the sky.

Almost at the same time, the gun was in the hands of Marvin and Luke.

Almost at the same time, the two of them quickly left the car. They were too obvious, which was disadvantageous to them.

After years of training, Marvin and Luke found a good place for themselves in the shortest time. Next, they were waiting for the enemy to show up.

What was the background of the enemy?

For a moment, Marvin had countless speculations. Was it his enemy, or the one from "S Group"?

The answer would be known soon.

The only sure thing was that there would be a fierce battle coming.

Lancy didn't know what had happened to Marvin, because she was a step slower than Marvin. Ray and Rani wandered around the mall, trying to pick up a gift for their father.

Then they set out.

It was getting dar

aimed at her!

Lancy's heart tightened, but she could not give in. Behind her was her grandfather, her young son and daughter. If this person really had no other choice, who knew what he would do!

I'm afraid that even if he die, he have to take someone together?

"Is there any bullet in your gun?" Lancy suddenly added. There were only six bullets in that gun. She looked around and made a guess.

The man was stunned. He had thought that even if it was a bluff, it would be a torture, but there was no movement at all. He seemed to be looking at her up and down with light and position.

Lancy was surprised to find that the man gradually put down his guard and even put away his gun.

She frowned slightly. Instead of letting out a sigh of relief, She became more vigilant. It was obviously wrong At this moment, she couldn't let her guard down.

However, the next second, the man directly removed the obstruction, and the two of them faced each other without precaution.

Hearing that, Lancy was stunned. Was he too straightforward? A trace of suspicion and caution flashed through her bright starry eyes. Was it because the enemy had a plan, or was it because he had lost too much blood and lost his mind?

Did he know what it meant to throw the weapon away?

Hearing this man's heavy breath, Lancy's eyes flashed a trace of seriousness. If he lost his weapon while he was seriously injured, he would undoubtedly be courting death.

What was he thinking about?

At this point, Lancy was completely confused.

And that person finally stood in the sun.

His clothes had been stained with blood. His face was pale and seemed to be transparent in the sunlight. Her delicate features were really amazing.

She didn't think there were many men who were so good-looking, different from Marvin's handsome face, and he was more fragile. Her lips were red and her teeth were white, and he was injured. It was hard to imagine that such a person would be a killer.

This man must be the most unlikely killer Lancy had ever seen.

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