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   Chapter 568 I Want A Son

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What's the use of money, young and beautiful women? They can't be sent out at all!

With this beginning, some people's thoughts became vivid. This was undoubtedly a good opportunity for them. Marvin would "integrate" into the circle sooner or later.

As expected by Freda, Mr. Sidney took this opportunity to make a big deal. Undoubtedly, he attached great importance to the performance of Marvin. Of course, at the same time, Mr. Sidney didn't forget to expand his connections for the Lu Clan and the Wilson Group.

However, what was more interesting was that it was said that this birthday party was not organized by Marvin's wife, but by someone else. A well-informed person knew something, at least it was a woman. It was said that she was a guest of the Lu Clan It was so interesting.

It must be a wonderful party, right?

Not to mention outside, there was also a lot of discussion in the Lu mansion. There were some rumors that Lancy knew. They doubted her relationship with Marvin and guessed that the relationship between Marvin and Lisa was unknown to others.

For several times, the young girls were whispering outside the garden or Central Lake Pavilion, and she happened to be listening to them!

Thinking of this, Lancy couldn't help laughing. Now the rumors were getting more and more intense. Mrs. Wilson must have put a lot of thoughts into it? Lisa pushed the waves hard, and the current situation was no longer strange.

Many people wondered if she, Madam Lancy, had been "out of favor"!

"What are you laughing at?" Upon returning home, Marvin unbuttoned his coat and asked curiously.

Recently, he often slept in the company. On the one hand, he was busy with the company's affairs, and on the other hand, he was also in a hurry to deal with the matters of the organization. Sometimes, when Marvin was so busy that he even forgot the time, he simply stayed in the company.

He didn't expect that it would become the biggest motivation to drive the gossip.

"Are you willing to come back?" Lancy raised her eyebrows and didn't look back. It seemed that all her attention was on the book on her knees.

"Miss me?" Like her, Marvin raised his eyebrows, pursed his thin lips into a line, but with pleasure. How could it be said that one day apart was like three years apart?

Marvin easily took the woman over with one hand. The two faced each other, and touched Lancy's face with his index finger, pinching it again and again.

Did he take her as a bun?

Her white and tender face was pinched into a strange shape, and the girl did not resist. Only her two good-looking eyebrows frowned together, forming a big word of embarrassment, which was annoying and funny.

"Do you miss me or not?" The man asked stubbornly.

Lancy rolled her eyes in anger. Because of the man's action, what she said was not clear at all. "Yes, yes!"

Marvin loosened her face.

"All the family miss you!" Lancy added lightly. Only sh

y work very hard with actual actions.

If Lisa knew it, she would be heartbroken. Her arrival and all her actions deepened the relationship between the two of them, and also accelerated some progress.

As for the progress, we will know at that time.

In fact, Marvin didn't pay much attention to the birthday party. It was said to be a birthday party, but in fact, it was similar to the party in the ordinary circle. It was to invite some partners and friends in the circle to exchange feelings and the Lu Clan to host.

What Marvin needed to do was to show up on that day.

In his mind, this was no longer a family dinner, but a business show. Therefore, when he knew that the organizer was Lisa, Marvin only felt a little strange. Then he thought that it was good for Lancy not to worry about it.

The couple's thoughts were surprisingly combined. It was already tired to create a person, wasn't it?

Time passed quickly, and Lisa's life in the Lu Clan became more and more smooth. That day, Lancy's weirdness seemed to be only a flash in the pan. In the following days, the other party seemed to choose to avoid seeing her.

In the eyes of Lisa, this was basically a sign of weakness. It was precisely because of this that Lisa forgot what had happened that day.

She just wanted to do it well and be proud in front of Marvin.

In the end, we didn't know how Lisa persuaded Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Wilson. The venue of the banquet was decided to be in the largest manor in Alaska, not the Lu mansion.

Why did she make such a choice?

When Lancy got the news, she smiled faintly. Why? If she was in the Lu mansion, her identity as the hostess would be too obvious.

Lancy couldn't help laughing. Was Lisa innocent or stupid? Could she change her identity in another place? Even if she changed place, the person next to Marvin was still her, Lancy. What was the difference?

Thinking this, Lancy felt more relieved. Just let Lisa do what she wants.

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