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   Chapter 567 No Need To Pretend To Be Intimate

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Standing next to Lancy, Freda frowned and looked at Lisa strangely. It was not until then that Lisa realized what had happened and quickly put on an innocent expression.

"Mrs. Lancy and master really love each other!" Lisa said with a bitter smile.

However, that trace of bitterness had already been captured, and she thought she had concealed it well!

"Sister-in-law and brother have always been in good relationship!" Although Freda felt that Lisa's expression was a little strange, she didn't think about it carefully, but somehow she said a few more words. "My brother is always cold and ineloquent! He has changed a lot since he was with my sister-in-law. Thanks to her! "

Freda kept praising Lancy, which was not her exaggeration, but the truth. Recalling what had happened in the past two years, the arrival of Lancy and her two babies had brought tremendous changes to the family.

Lisa didn't want to hear any of the compliments and the words that said that Marvin had changed. Who would want to hear how gentle and tolerant her master became because of this woman? Was she still her master?

Looking coldly at Marvin these days, Lisa thought that Freda was exaggerating! She snorted with disdain. It must be because Freda was too exaggerated.

Lancy looked at the resentful light in Lisa's eyes with a smile, but she didn't say anything.

At last, Lisa had to interrupt Freda, "Sister Freda, do you have any interesting suggestion about master's birthday? We can discuss it together. "

How interesting it was! Even though she called Freda, she didn't mention Lancy.

"Okay, let's discuss it together." Holding Lancy's arm, Freda didn't think too much and treated Lisa as usual. "Sister-in-law, let's go together."

At that moment, Lisa's face turned pale.

Hearing that, Lancy smiled and said, "no, Freda. It's up to you."

Freda was surprised and Lisa was satisfied.

Freda wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Lancy. She blinked wittily and said, "I'd better rest! Your brother had made me tired. I can't handle anything else. I'm exhausted. "

Freda burst into laughter. She touched her belly and said, "sister*in-law, you are so shameless! Don't spoil my son Baby, don't listen to your Auntie. Cover your ears. "

Her ears turned red secretly, but Lancy didn't take it seriously. Instead, she thought she was proud. She straightened up her slim waist and said domineeringly, "it doesn't matter. You're married, little sister. You have a baby, and that's why I said so."

"Sister-in-law, have you thought it through?" Freda asked curiously. She still remembered that every time her grandfather mentioned it, her sister-in-law always avoided it.

Lancy took a glance at Lisa and then stuck out her tongue. "I didn't say that I wouldn't have a baby. It's just that I feel embarrassed

isa acted as if she knew nothing about Lancy's sudden attack.

It seemed that Lancy was deliberately put in a dilemma.

Hearing that, Lancy raised her eyebrows. She didn't seem to be angry or not. She took a deep look at Lisa with her bright eyes and said slowly, "nothing. I just said it casually. Maybe it's because I've never been called like this before. "

Lancy didn't have the energy to find a reasonable excuse. She waved her hand and went back to her room after saying goodbye to Freda. As for what Lisa would think, Lancy shrugged. It had nothing to do with her.

Being teased by Lancy, Lisa felt something was wrong with this woman. She tried to get more information about her from Freda.

But could things really go as she thought?

The birthday of the master of the Lu Clan was coming, and there was a grand celebration, which caused another wave of heat in the upper class.

It seemed to be the first time that the master of the Lu clan had celebrated his birthday since he took charge of the Lu Clan? It had been more than ten years. It was time for a big event.

Normally, there would be a birthday party like this in few days. Today was this chairman, tomorrow was that boss, and the day after tomorrow was another one.

As usual, it should be a common case.

But this time was different.

Because the protagonist was the Lu Clan.

Everyone knew that the young power holder was the most difficult to get along with in the Lu Clan, and the one they wanted to curry favor with the most was the young power holder.

However, he was known for his indifference, rejecting people thousands of miles away.

Everyone thought about it. A person who hadn't celebrated his birthday in ten years had less chance to approach him. Except for some necessary occasions, it was almost impossible to see Marvin.

Not to mention that some evil people could succeed.

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