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   Chapter 565 Do You Know

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In Lu mansion, Lisa was like a fish in water.

There was no one in the Lu Clan who didn't like her, including Sherry. It had to be said that she was sweet and lovely, and with her "close relationship" with Marvin, almost everyone was happy to talk to her.

Soon, the information Lisa got was more perfect and deeper than she had imagined.

She knew clearly what had happened to this family and how her master got the position.

As for Mrs. Lancy A hint of slyness flashed in Lisa's eyes. She had found out the background of the Lan Clan, which could be called a famous family in Alaska.

And the two kids

Lisa hadn't been a guest for a long time, and it was impossible for her to ask everything clearly in a short time. What's more, compared with the two children, she cared more about the people and things that had direct contact with Marvin.

"Mrs. Lancy, how did you know my master? Why haven't I heard it from my master? "

"Mrs. Lancy, have you been with my master seven years ago? When? "

"I remember that Master was abroad at that time, right?"

At the beginning, Lisa asked this question only when she and Lancy were alone.

She didn't know since when she became so unscrupulous.

"Don't you know that my master doesn't like it, Mrs. Lancy?"

"My master likes drinking XXX in the morning the most."

"Don't you need to go to work now? Mrs. Lancy It's so hard for my master to support the family alone! "

This kind of conversation almost filled every day. No matter how silly Lancy was, she should know that Lisa was not ordinary unfriendly to her. She doubted her past with Marvin, doubted the relationship between the two, and there were even many words that could sow dissension between them.

What she said implied that she was not qualified as a wife, not caring about her husband, not understanding her husband. She didn't even know her husband's preferences, or even basic knowledge.

Word by word, if Lancy still thought of her as a good person, she was really stupid.

As a result, Lancy began to observe Lisa.

Not surprisingly, every time Lisa called her "Mrs. Lancy", her eyes were cold, in a sharp contrast to the way she called Marvin "master".

What was more ridiculous was that Lisa thought she couldn't perceive these.

Did she underestimate her? Or was she looked too kind? Lancy touched her face and found it funny. She really didn't know what the so-called disciple meant by saying those words.

Does she think Lancy doesn't match Marvin?

Or does she have other intentions?

To be honest, Lancy didn't take it seriously. She just took Lisa as a contemptible scoundrel!

And what Lisa did was all hidden from Marvin. As long as he was there, she would be very obedient.

Such a method Lancy didn't want to say anything more.

If she wanted to know who liked Lisa the most in the Lu mansion, it must be Mrs. Wilson. Well, anyway, she didn't like Lancy. She liked whatever Lancy


Lisa stood aside obediently, her heart surging. She couldn't help but think that she had tried her best to please Freda these days, but it turned out that she was still an outsider.

In particular, the comparison between wife and outsider and the comparison between Sister-in-law and outsider did hurt Lisa. If it wasn't for the inappropriate time, Lisa would have roared, "who is an outsider?"? Who the hell is an outsider! She was his only disciple, the only one.

When she knew and followed her master, she didn't know where Lancy was!

It was good enough for Lisa to hold her breath and smile.

"Sister-in-law, say something!" Freda was anxious. She knew what her grandmother was talking about. Lisa had said similar words several times at dinner.

But only one or two times. It was just Lisa's casual talk. Why did Mrs. Wilson take it seriously?

How could Freda know that when she and Marvin were not present, Lisa had said that for many times.

Lancy stared at Lisa, who always put on an innocent look.

She didn't even think about it. It was her who came with Mrs. Wilson. Who would believe that she didn't know in advance?

"Mrs. Lancy, Mrs. Wilson, don't hurt the harmony between you two. It's not Mrs. Lancy fault. I have followed my master since I was a child. It's natural for me to know master's preferences. " Although she said so, her eyes showed the opposite meaning. Freda was the only one who could be cheated by Lisa's tricks.

If she was really considerate, she would have refused at the first time.

Instead of pretending to be nice to her and telling the truth that she knew her husband better. What did he mean by saying that she had followed her master since she was a child? It was natural for her to know more about it?

The reason why women were called women was that they were born slender and sensitive. To put it more bluntly, no woman would not care about that a woman knew her husband better than she did.

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