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   Chapter 564 Mr. Marvin And Mrs. Lancy

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At this moment, the door of the office was opened. An extremely lively pregnant woman broke in directly. "Surprised!"

The lively pregnant woman pulled the person behind her with great strength.

In view of her special situation, the people behind her were very cooperative.

To her surprise, the smile was still on her face and she was stunned the next second. Congratulations! The surprise turned into shock... Freda's bag fell to the ground. She was in a bad mood because her brother and a woman... Stay in the Office... They were so close to each other.

Did she do something wrong?

Freda's first reaction was to pull Lancy out. "Hehe, Lancy, it's sunny today. What a good day for a walk..."

Lancy blinked her eyes and said gloomily, "Freda, didn't we just come back from a 'walk'? Didn't you say that you wanted to give your brother a 'surprise'? "

Freda's back froze. Did Lancy gritted her teeth?

Freda said she was a little flustered! What now?

"Well, it must be a misunderstanding. It must be." Since she couldn't leave, Freda had a clue. She stared at the only "outsider" with an unfriendly look. "You know, there are always some women who will deliver themselves to my brother. But Lancy, you must believe my brother. He will definitely push them away..."

All of a sudden, it occurred to Freda that when they pushed the door open, her brother didn't seem to push the woman away?

Obviously, Lancy also thought of it.

Lancy smiled coldly and glanced at the man at ten o'clock. She asked impatiently, "will he push them away?"

It seemed that he hadn't pushed her away yet?

Freda looked back and was almost out of breath. Anyway, it was all that woman's fault. Why didn't she leave! "Brother?"

A light flashed in Marvin's eyes. He smiled sourly, passed Lisa and walked straight to them. "Aren't you tired?" He said to Freda.

As soon as he mentioned it, Freda felt her legs twitch.

She turns to sit on the sofa, kneads her calves subconsciously, and moves next second. That's not the point at all!

No matter what happened, just sit here.

"Brother!" Freda was anxious. Was he her brother? "Hey, that's you. Why are you still here? Wait for me to give you the award!"

Compared with Lancy, Freda was more eye-catching and wanted to kick Lisa out.

On the other hand, Lancy calmed down. She looked at Marvin without any guilty or embarrassment.

Was it because he was too good at pretending, or was it really nothing?

Lancy observed. So did Lisa.

This was the woman in the family photo, and also the wife of Marvin now. A trace of malice flashed through Lisa's eyes, but she didn't seem to notice the hostility of Freda. She smiled and said, "master, why don't you introduce her?"

"Master?" Lancy and Freda said in uni

Lancy, don't you think master is going too far?"

Lisa complained as if she had known Lancy for a long time. "It's not easy to see you, but master still want to drive me away. Mrs. Lancy, can you help me? "

"Mrs. Lancy, please!"

Lancy felt a little helpless. It was not comfortable for a girl to act like a spoiled child or a stranger to her.

Lancy couldn't stand such a person.

Being entangled by her, Lisa somehow managed to stay. Somehow, her foothold in Alaska turned into Lu mansion.

The way Lisa addressed master and Mrs. Lancy seemed to be very close to Freda and Lancy.

Freda had to admit that she felt the kindness of Lisa.

Thus, her hostility towards Lisa disappeared. Since she is brother's disciple, she is not an outsider, right?

Arm in arm with the Freda, they chatted happily, including the local customs and the baby in her belly. Freda had a good impression of Lisa.

During this process, Lisa smiled at Lancy more than once.

Lancy replied with a friendly smile, but it didn't mean anything. Compared with Freda's relaxation of vigilance, she was still in the wait-and-see stage.

She always felt that the child called Lisa was not so friendly to her.

Lancy always believed in her sixth sense.

The three of them moved into the four. It caused a sensation when Marvin and his companions came back home with Lisa... Because Lisa was a guest of Marvin... That was the point.

The guest of the master of the Lu clan was still a woman, which had to be teased.

Moreover, the young lady seemed to be very close to the master of the Lu clan. Both his tone and attitude were flabbergasted.

People thought Mrs. Lancy was the only one who could be treated like this.


Lisa lived in the Lu mansion and soon got everyone's favor. It was hard to be disgusted with a lovely and lively girl.

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