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   Chapter 562 We Want Something Different

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Marvin understood what his son meant. He was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. He touched Ray's head and said with a smile, "if you want a brother, you can take Rani to play with grandma later."

BOSS, are you really okay?

Hearing that, Ray raised his little face. He was a little confused and knew something. At least, he knew that only when his parents were together could they have a brother!

Lancy didn't know what kind of agreement the father and son had made. She was concentrating on bathing her younger daughter

She put on her pink butterfly pajamas and the bathroom door was opened.

"Daddy!" Rani stretched out his head from behind his mother and said, "Daddy, Mommy hasn't washed the incense yet. You have to line up!"

Lancy nodded. She was busy drying her daughter's hair! How could he have time to care about his husband who suddenly broke in? Wasn't his daughter "negotiating" with him?

The bathroom was steaming. Lancy's white skirt was wet with water vapor. Her curvaceous figure was partly hidden and partly visible, and every beautiful scenery was seen by the man.

Marvin was shocked by the beautiful scenery in front of him. He swallowed and stared at his little woman with his deeper eyes, forgetting to answer his daughter's question.

Staring at her fluffy head and her long black hair rolling in the towel, Rani felt her Mommy's tenderness. She squinted her eyes comfortably and forgot to argue with her father.

"All right." Lancy put the dry towel over her daughter's head and touched her hair with satisfaction. Well, it's just right.

Rani yawned, opened her eyes and asked in surprise, "Daddy, why are you still here? I told you to wait in line! "

"Ahem!" The BOSS cleared his throat and said seriously. "Rani, your brother is waiting for you outside."

Rani's eyes lit up. It was rare for her brother to take the initiative to play with her! Did he find a new "fun"?

Rani jumped off Lancy's body and rushed out. "Brother, wait for Rani. Rani wants to play with you."

As soon as the little girl stepped out of the bathroom, she couldn't help but stop when she saw her brother who looked a little strange. Rani touched her head and wondered, 'what does he mean? She felt something was wrong?

The sweet little Rani turned around reflexively. She didn't expect that it wasn't her parents that greeted her, but the tightly closed door.

Rani felt like she had been hurt!

She patted the door of the bathroom and couldn't believe what she saw. Rani was smart enough to know that she was framed by her father.

'This is too much. Is he still my father? '?

Rani looked at her brother eagerly and pointed at the other side, unable to speak at all.

In the end, she had to curl her lips with tears. He must be a stepfather!

Ray touched his sister's head and smoothed her hair. He knew that the psychological

Lancy swallowed. She had already felt the danger and male hormone released by the man.

Marvin rudely threw his shirt on the ground, and the man's strong figure could be seen clearly.

Everything seemed to be the most perfect masterpiece of God, which made Lancy blush and her heart beat faster! Ah, she didn't want to do this, but she couldn't control the surging female hormone.

"Didn't you say that you can't decide whether to have a baby or not?" Marvin gradually approached her, and Lancy, who almost forgot to breathe, didn't remember to run away. She could only stand there blankly. She would never admit that she was seduced by a man! "Well, let's make a decision together."

The hot bathroom was shrouded in mist, and Lancy couldn't tell where she was.

She had no choice but to follow the man and have sex together.

In the following long period of time, the night of the young couple was far more wonderful than the day. In order to have another kids, the BOSS entered the unprecedented "hard work".

On the other hand, Ray and his sister officially started the training and study of the "heir". They had even moved into the Lan Clan, so the kids certainly didn't know how "troubled" life their mommy was living.

She could tell from the radiant face of BOSS Lu.

Such a life was very happy and peaceful. I don't know if it's too happy. Time seems to be running water passing through the palm of my hand. Spring has come in a flash.

Freda's belly was getting bigger and bigger. Seven months later, she directly lived in the Lu mansion.

Carl's company was getting on the right track. He was busy with his work. Even if he wanted to keep an eye on his wife all the time, but he would ignore her sometimes.

Fortunately, with Mr. Lakin in charge of the Lan Group, Lancy had a lot of free time.

She didn't know since when the most important thing for Lancy was to accompany Freda.

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