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   Chapter 561 Hasten Parturition

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Hearing that, Mr. Sidney became anxious! Ray and Rani were both seven years old. If they didn't have children, they would be a little older.

Well, if it was seen from the analysis chart, this plan would be a red mark all the way up to the sky. Even more than the hidden trouble of Myron.

Staring at his grandson and granddaughter in law, Mr. Sidney suddenly had a clue.

The more Lancy and Marvin loved each other, the better. Their love directly reflected the speed of giving birth to kids.

In this way, Myron would definitely figure it out and the hidden crisis would naturally be solved.

In this way, everyone was happy.

Perhaps Mr. Sidney had no choice but to do so.

"Grandpa..." Hearing that, Lancy was very embarrassed. Was it really appropriate to say that in front of everyone at the table?

Mr. Sidney straightened his back and turned to look at Ray and Rani with a smile. "Ray and Rani, do you want a brother or sister?"

Ray said seriously with a straight face, He thought for a while and finally nodded heavily. "I want a brother."

"Rani wants a sister." Rani raised her hand and said, "a sister like Rani." Well, the little girl didn't forget to sell herself at this time.

After all, Rani is a cute princess.

Mr. Sidney narrowed his eyes with satisfaction. He heard that the two babies both wanted a brother and a sister!

"Marvin, did you hear it clearly?" Mr. Sidney looked at his grandson without saying anything. The public opinion was like this. Did he know what to do?

Whether he could solve the problem or not depended on him.

Lancy was even more embarrassed. She covered her face and pretended to be calm. Could she pretend that she heard nothing?

On the contrary, Marvin nodded seriously and responded unexpectedly. "I know, Grandpa. Don't worry."

So, don't worry?

Mr. Sidney squinted at his granddaughter in law and then looked at the two kids, murmuring, "it would be better if there will be another twins."

Well, with Ray and Rani, it shouldn't be a problem for them to have twins, right?

Mr. Sidney rubbed his chin and thought, 'since the Lu Clan has this gene, there must be no problem.'

In the following days, Mr. Sidney took actions to tell everyone that what he said at the table that day was not casual. He still insisted on the principle of keeping an eye on her.

As long as Mrs. Lancy was present, Mr. Sidney would always look at her from time to time.

He just glanced at Lancy once or twice.

But there was a profound meaning in it.

Lancy, the most concerned one, only felt pressure. Now facing her grandfather, she couldn't help but touch her belly, and then inexplicably felt guilty.

It was really a story with tears all over her face.

After returning to her room, Lancy puckered up her buttocks and lay on the chair of the imperial concubine. She rubbed her face against the cushion unconsciously and sighed heavily.


o beat around the bush.

Finally, she came to a conclusion that daddy was unfathomable.

As for now, Ray was not surprised at all that his father suddenly came in, let alone that he had a clear conversation with them.

BOSS didn't know that he had been demonized in the hearts of the kids. If he knew what the kids was thinking at the moment, he would be very surprised.

He did hear their conversation, but the reason was not that he was too unfathomable, but that... The reason why he heard that was that you forgot to close the door, okay?

"Daddy, did you hear that?" Ray stared at Marvin with his dark eyes, his palm sized face full of seriousness.

Marvin nodded. Yes, he did.

A bathing together... This girl was going to rebel again!

So, BOSS Lu, is this the key point?

Just as Marvin was staring at the bathroom, Ray said, "Mommy said that it's not her own business to have a brother. She can't decide. Does that mean you want daddy to make the decision? "

Ray thought for a while and came to this conclusion. Mommy was too shy. A man should take the initiative, and a father should take the initiative.

So, daddy had to take the responsibility.

Ray looked at Marvin seriously.

With a paralyzed face, Marvin felt like an egg being pushed by his son.

Ray was a little worried that his father couldn't understand what he meant and his urgent mood, so he patiently emphasized, "Daddy, Ray wants a brother."

Great Grandpa wanted to take over the family business, so did his sister. He also wanted a younger brother.

That was to say, this was what everyone expected.

Hearing that, Marvin raised his eyebrows. Embarrassed, he couldn't help but tease, "Ray, do you want a brother? But what if Rani wants a sister? "

"I want a younger brother, and then a younger sister."

"Why not twins?" Marvin asked curiously.

Ray pointed at himself and said, "Ray and sister are twins. We want something different!"

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