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   Chapter 560 Hesitation

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Mr. Sidney handed over the Lu Clan to Marvin, and Myron was his biological brother. The two of them had a deep relationship since childhood.

Don't think that Mr. Sidney only cultivates Marvin and ignores Myron. In fact, he has spent a lot of time and energy on Myron.

If Mr. Sidney treated Marvin as an emperor, then Myron was a loyal servant. He would be the most capable assistant and trusted brother of Marvin.

If they worked together, the Lu Clan would definitely be rich for many generations.

It could be seen that Mr. Sidney not only had great hopes for Marvin, but also for Myron. That was why Mr. Sidney didn't allow this generation to split up, nor did he allow them to move out.

Even if it was an exception, Marvin had to live in the Lu mansion after he got married and settled down.

Since Mr. Sidney made such a rule, he must have his own reason and consideration.

But now, there seemed to be something wrong!

Mr. Sidney looked shrewdly at the direction of Lancy. It was not a joke. If they really broke up... Mr. Sidney didn't even dare to think about it.

What made Mr. Sidney even more unacceptable was the reason why they were alienated - for a woman.

How could Mr. Sidney accept this?

If it happened more than a year ago, perhaps everything would be different. To put it bluntly, it was uncertain whether Lancy could enter the Lu Clan.

But the truth was that Lancy was the hostess of the Lu Clan, the wife of Marvin, and the mother of two children.

"When did it happen?" Mr. Sidney murmured and wiped his face.

Was he getting old and confused? Since things had come to this, it was meaningless to investigate when it had happened? Even before and after marriage, the current facts could not be changed.

Now the most serious thing was that... Did they need him to leave home?

Was it because it was too uncontrollable or because it wanted to stop?

Mr. Sidney had to think about Myron's original intention of leaving home this time. From a rational point of view, he preferred the latter.

How could his grandson make the same mistake? How could he allow himself to make the same mistake!

After all, Mr. Sidney had gone through a lot of ups and downs. After suffering a heavy blow, he finally calmed down. It was out of her judgment on this matter, and also out of her trust in Myron.

Myron's choice to move out proved that he didn't indulge himself.

Mr. Sidney was more or less relieved. At least, it proved that the child could be saved. He knew how to save it

It was right to move out and they couldn't stay in the same room.

Mr. Sidney breathed a sigh of relief. He finally understood why Marvin was on the side of Myron for the first time. Mr. Sidney guessed that he must have known about it.

Thinking of this, Mr. Sidney felt bad again.

He was also a man, so of course he knew what a man was thinking. This kind of thing was unacceptable even for brothers.

What did Marvin think?

Mr. Sidney was

, "Grandpa wants to say that it's time to add new members to our family."

"……" Everyone was shocked.

Lancy blinked her round eyes and pricked up her ears. Did she hear it wrong? What did grandpa mean by 'giving birth'?

Biting the spoon, Ray and Rani looked at each other, speechless. The two little babies began to think seriously.

A trace of surprise flashed through Marvin's eyes, but he regained his calmness.

On the other side, Mrs. Wilson was totally in a bad mood and her face twitched unconsciously. She looked at her husband in horror. Was this the man she knew?

In fact, it was common for a family to talk about such things.

Every family member would care about such a question. It was not a big deal to ask something nervous! The Lu Clan was not an ordinary family.

The tradition of a big family continued among the male lead and the female lead. The man didn't care much about the affairs in the inner house. In particular, Mr. Sidney was the most rigorous and disciplined one. It could be seen that he didn't always tolerate Mrs. Wilson.

No matter what, Mr. Sidney didn't seem to be the person who would say that.

It was weird!

The way she opened her eyes today must be wrong!

These were the thoughts of the servants.

Mr. Sidney cleared his throat. He also knew that it was inappropriate for him to mention it in front of everyone. He had no choice. This was the only thing he could get.

But then again, this house was a little desolate.

After thinking for a while, Mr. Sidney changed from being calm at the beginning to being righteous. "This is a big deal for the Lu Clan. Ray and Rani, I have discussed with Mr. Lakin and made other arrangements. So, you'd better give birth to a few more babies as soon as possible. I'll name them. "

The so-called other arrangements were that Ray and Rani were the inheritors of the Lan Clan, which also indirectly admitted the decision.

Give birth to this baby with the surname of Lu Clan.

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