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   Chapter 559 Farewell In Silence

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Mrs. Wilson was so determined that she didn't believe that Marvin knew nothing about Myron's "secret". To put it bluntly, his brother fell in love with someone he shouldn't love, and to put it bluntly, his brother coveted his wife.

It was known to all that the wife of a brother was not to be trifled with. Mrs. Wilson didn't believe that the shrewd Marvin would be unaware of it.

They could hide it from Mr. Sidney, but they couldn't hide it from her! Did she really think that she couldn't see that their brothers had gradually distanced themselves from each other?

Otherwise, with their friendship from childhood to adulthood, Marvin would be the first one to object.

But this time, Marvin was indifferent. Since the three of them were in the study at that time, it was impossible for Mr. Sidney not to ask about his thoughts and attitude.

Moreover, according to the family rules, it was impossible for Mr. Sidney to agree to Myron's request.

This time, he nodded so easily. The request he made yesterday was announced today, which was not the style of Mr. Sidney at all.

The only explanation was that Marvin had persuaded Mr. Sidney and done a lot of ideological work.

"Marvin, why don't you persuade him. How can he live alone in the outside? " Mrs. Wilson said sarcastically to Marvin.

Without raising his eyelids, Marvin smiled faintly and said with far-reaching eyes, "Grandma, Myron is an adult. When I was at his age, I was also alone, wasn't I? "

With his example, it was not strange that Myron wanted to move out.

Mrs. Wilson snorted, with irony in her eyes. She deliberately squinted at Lancy and said meaningfully, "Is that so? Just want to go out and live? Or, to avoid someone? "

"To be honest, you two are really in a good relationship!" Mrs. Wilson meant something. Obviously, she meant that Marvin preferred women to brothers. But before women and brothers, he still chose the former.

If Lancy knew what Mrs. Wilson was thinking, she would laugh three times. She was going to kneel down to Mrs. Wilson.

Hearing Mrs. Wilson's sarcasm, Marvin narrowed his eyes and said, "Grandma, you must be kidding. A happy family and a happy couple are exactly what you and grandpa want, aren't they?"

Everyone knew that Mr. Sidney cared about the prosperity of the Lu Clan the most.

Mrs. Wilson didn't smile at all. He just knew to suppress her with Mr. Sidney, didn't he? She would like to see how long they could hide it.

A group of people sent Myron out. Lancy and Freda walked in the front, three steps away from Myron.

"Brother, you should take good care of yourself outside. Come back more often." No matter how many words she said, it was useless. Freda knew why Myron left home and why he made such a choice, so he wouldn't "come back to have a look.". It was too late to hide. How could he often go home to have a look.

There was no doubt that Freda had a complicated feeling. She and Myron were close.

Although she didn't agree with his feelings or even condem

knew the reason.

Looking at Myron, Lancy sighed, "Take care of yourself. Don't let your family worry about you."

Myron finally left. He was not relieved, but there was also a hint of disintegration.

He exhaled a mouthful of stale air, got on the car and left without looking back.

Who would have thought that his life would change in just one or two years? It turned out that the world was full of unforeseen events!

On the attic, Mr. Sidney looked at what happened at the front door and naturally noticed the interaction between Myron and Lancy. He narrowed his eyes and sank into the lake, worried and suspicious.

With his sharp eyebrows wrinkled into a frown, Mr. Sidney felt depressed. Was, was Myron really ...

A cold light flashed in Mr. Sidney's eyes. Even though he didn't want to think too much, he couldn't control his rapidly running brain at the moment. Some blurry, deliberately ignored, gradually surfaced uncontrollably.

Everything has cause and effect.

The reason for today's result must be found out.

Especially the change of a person, recalling the past, there was always a trace. However, some signs and traces were ignored.

The picture was getting clearer and clearer, so clear that Mr. Sidney's hand holding the fence couldn't help trembling. Mr. Sidney was shocked and furious.

Countless thoughts swept over and almost drowned him.

In the end, it turned into four words - brother and sister-in-law.

These four simple words almost knocked down Mr. Sidney! Although he had always valued Marvin more, he still had hope for Myron.

Myron was different from Marvin. Under the influence of his brother, he could still break out of his own world.

It was a blessing for a clan.

There was no better person than his descendants! It was said that children were the flowers of their motherland and the hope of their motherland in the future. First of all, they were the hope of a family, the hope of a family.

Marvin and Myron were the hope of the Lu Clan.

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