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   Chapter 556 Feeling Ashamed

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Her dear husband didn't get sick because of this. Why did Myron, who was unable to be connected with Lancy, get sick?

Mrs. Wilson connected the two things on purpose, implying that Myron fell ill because of Lancy? Myron fell ill because of his sister-in-law. Who couldn't understand what was going on?

As for Sherry.

Mrs. Wilson sneered. She had divorced. How could she still have the face to stay in her former mother-in-law's house? Oh, by the way, what was the excuse she made before?

Ah, in order to prepare the wedding of Freda.

What about now?

Freda had married and she had taken good care of Lancy. Why did she come back?

She was afraid that she really regarded herself as the birth mother of the master of the Lu clan and wanted to stay here to continue to be her noble wife? The reason why Mrs. Wilson was so afraid of Sherry was that she clearly knew that Sherry was qualified to stay here.

After all, her son was the head of the Lu clan?

Hearing that, Marvin frowned and squinted at Mrs. Wilson unhappily. "Myron did have a hard time when I left. he was under too much pressure. But grandma, don't worry. Myron always knows what to do. What's more, now that I'm back, it will be easier for Myron. "

The implication was that the recent abnormality of Myron was just because he was too busy and stressed.

As for men, women were one of the ways to relieve pressure.

Marvin's explanation made sense. Mr. Sidney's face softened a lot.

Mrs. Wilson snorted and said with a false smile, "you two are really brother. Very good, very good! Mr. Sidney, are you happy? "

Her tone was dripping with sarcasm, which didn't really make Mr. Sidney happy.

The more gratified she was now, the more disappointed he would be in the future.

Mr. Sidney turned his eyes away. Obviously, Mrs. Wilson didn't want to say anything. The smile on her face froze. She didn't show any mercy to Lancy and others?

Mrs. Wilson gritted her teeth. This had happened more than once or two times. She gradually became numb. Anyway...

With a gleam shining in her dark eyes, Mrs. Wilson said softly, "I really hope that you two can live like this forever." She chuckled mysteriously.

Hearing that, Marvin pursed his lips slightly. How could he not know what Mrs. Wilson meant.

Lancy was so close to her two babies that she heard the conversation and knew the undercurrents between them and Mrs. Wilson.

She didn't interfere, as if she didn't know what had happened.

It was not that she didn't want to interfere, nor did she escape, nor did she feel guilty and dare to speak. But Lancy hadn't decided what to do?

Her memory was complete, and she treated Marvin differently. Myron was no longer just a member of the Lu clan in name to her.

She remembered that when she returned to Alaska, the first friend she knew was Myron.

She also remembered

something wrong.

Maybe it was a good way to avoid it from afar.

Freda was about to say something but stopped on a second thought. However, his eyes were full of worry. His grandfather was very angry!

Waking up from the shock, Mrs. Wilson held her mouth and said incredulously, "Myron, did grandma hear it wrong? What do you want to do? Move out? "

Every time Mrs. Wilson said a word, Sidney's face darkened.

"I want to move out." As he spoke, the stone in Myron's heart was finally relieved. He looked at his grandfather with burning eyes, extremely serious. His dim eyes told her his insistence silently that he was serious.

It was this seriousness that shocked Mr. Sidney!

"Marvin, say something." Mr. Sidney couldn't stand anymore. He sat on the chair on the left side of the table and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

he didn't get angry at such an occasion.

Marvin was his elder brother, his eldest grandson, and the master of the Lu clan. It was more appropriate for him to speak! Mr. Sidney thought that it would be better for the two brothers to talk.

Marvin was as cold as the moon in the sky. He didn't seem to be affected by it. He had expected Myron's decision. Even Carl and Freda knew the reason, how could he not understand?

However, as the BOSS was the BOSS, he could control his emotions. When Myron made the decision and everyone was shocked, his eyes only flashed.

Myron didn't look directly into Marvin's eyes. Instead, he kept his eyes down and didn't look at anyone.

"Have you made up your mind?" Marvin sighed and said in a steady tone, without showing much real emotions. He only asked if he had really made up his mind.

Marvin had mixed feelings. He loved and hated his brother.

Myron froze for a moment, and then nodded heavily. He said with certainty, "I've made up my mind." Only the real departure would not bring them any trouble.

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