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   Chapter 552 Warmth Between The Two Families

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9915

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Why was the hostility so high?

After a few rounds, it was strange that the two of them could recover!

You didn't give me a good face, and I didn't give you a good face either. Then they had a bad relation.

Knowing what was on Glen's mind, Leona suddenly thought it was a good idea! Besides, Glen was no worse than Marvin, wasn't he?

Glen was completely speechless. Maybe this was what one would rather offend a villain than a woman? Did Marvin, who was in Alaska far away, know that he had been snatched away?

Of course, Marvin didn't know that. He was pestering Lancy at this time!

Lancy had almost recovered. She had to go back to the Lu mansion. Marvin had left for too long. The Lu mansion needed him, and the Wilson Group needed him more.

They moved back to the Lu mansion three days ago.

Time seemed to have returned to peace, and the previous turmoil and chaos seemed to have nothing happened. It was so quiet and warm that she couldn't extricate herself from it.

Only those who had been living in turmoil would truly understand how rare such a life was now.

Now Lancy had a complete soul and a complete memory. Of course, her experience was different from before.

It was as if she was reborn from a disaster. What she saw and felt were totally different. Lancy had to admit that she liked her current life, her current state, and.. The people around her now.

Lancy]'s eyes met with Marvin's in the air, which was their tacit understanding unconsciously.

One's eyes could not deceive others. Now Lancy's eyes were like the eyes of a woman in love. Happiness was not a simple word.

When a person was truly happy, her eyes, her expression, and her colors would tell you that she was very happy now.

Just like now.

After Lancy recovered and Mr. Lakin returned safely, Mr. Sidney held a family dinner in Lu mansion to celebrate their safety.

This action showed the friendship between the Lu Clan and the Lan Clan, and also showed how much Mr. Sidney liked Lancy, his granddaughter-in-law.

In fact, in private, Sidney had a good relationship with Lakin. They felt that it was not easy to meet someone he admired at their age.

The so-called family dinner was really a family dinner.

In the Lan Can, there were only Lakin and Lancy.

As for the Lu Clan, they were Mr. Sidney, Mrs. Wilson, Marvin and his siblings, Sherry and Carl, the newly son-in-law of the Lu Clan. As for the people on the other branches, none of them had been invited.

The two families gathered in the garden, BBQ.

Yes, BBQ. In this way, they could chat and communicate well, not the complicated banquet.

The banquet on the scene was not suitable for today's theme.

Lancy looked sideways at Marvin who was busy in front of the grill and smiled knowingly. Today, he was not in his usual suit and leather shoes, but wore informal clothes.

Who would have thought that he was surprisingly suitable for light pink?

And the light

ed up to his knees and wrapped her arms around his neck. Their four eyes met.

Rani rubbed her face with her two hands and then spread them out. Her two beautiful eyebrows were exaggeratedly high. She really looked like Mr. Sidney when he was angry.

The little girl pointed at her eyebrows and said in a baby voice, "great grandpa was just like this. He must be angry. Rani remember that great grandpa always looks like this when you gets angry. "

"Oh my God! Rani is really a genius!" Mr. Lakin burst into laughter. "Yes, that's right. Your great grandpa is like this. Rani really resembles him!"

Mr. Sidney didn't know whether to laugh or cry. When he was angry, how could he be so funny like what Rani acted now?

Mr. Sidney held his great granddaughter tightly in his arms and kissed her heavily. "Rani is right, okay?"

Rani giggled, "Great Grandpa, can you stop being angry?"

"Great grandpa is not angry. How could he be angry with Rani and Ray?" Mr. Sidney's heart softened. "Great Grandpa knows that Ray and Rani are filial good children."

Mr. Sidney touched the little girl's head and said seriously. His two children were filial. When they were so young, they knew that their great grandpa was injured, and he was unhappy and they knew to coax him.

They even knew what their great grandfather suffered, who loved them so much.

How could he be angry with such a considerate baby? How could he do that?

Rani opened her pink lips slightly, rolled her eyes and said, "Great Grandpa, please don't be angry with daddy and Mommy, okay?"

"Why did Rani say that?" Mr. Sidney asked curiously.

"Because Daddy and Mommy forgot to tell great grandpa that I went home with my brother!" Rani tugged at the old man's sleeve and said, "Mommy is sick. It's hard for daddy to take care of her. It's understandable that he forgot y to tell great grandpa for a while, right? Right? "

When Rani said this, she took a glance at Mrs. Wilson not far away.

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