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   Chapter 550 Trust

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"To say the least, even if I have other plans, do you think you can go back on your words now?" Glen asked back playfully.

Hearing that, Leona blushed. What else could she say?

But how could she rest assured if she didn't ask him clearly?

The answer of Glen directly depended on how much she told him. Should she tell him all or hide something?

Leona pursed her lips and said seriously, "since you choose to help us, you should show some sincerity, shouldn't you? Since there is no room for us to go back on our words, there is nothing to say. What do you think? " Everyone knew how to be eloquent? Word games were what people like them were good at.

With a shrug, there was no displeasure in his eyes. Glen suddenly mentioned Lancy and asked, "what did she say?"

Although he didn't know what had happened to Leona when she was missing, Glen could probably guess that she had come back from Alaska, so the meeting between her and Lancy was expected!

As soon as she came back, in addition to reporting work, she rushed to him first. It must be about Lancy.

Perhaps, before she came back, Lancy had asked her to do something.

A hint of light flashed through the eyes of Glen. He looked at Leona and threw the question to her again.

Hearing that, Leona was stunned for a while, but then she came to her senses. She remembered what Lancy had told her before she left, and said reluctantly, "Lancy wants me to come to you and say that you are trustworthy."

"Oh, did she say that?" The corners of Glen's mouth curled up unconsciously.

"Yes." That was why Leona became more and more curious.

"Since she said so, why do you still ask me? Don't you believe her or me? "

"Of course I don't believe you!" Leona answered almost reflexively.

The smile at the corners of Glen's mouth was like a ripple on the lake, which could not be blocked. He said affirmatively, "you two have reconciled; the knot in your heart has been removed, right?"

"……" Hearing what Glen said, Leona pursed her lips. She was really unhappy.

And why was Glen laughing? What's so funny?

"It seems that what I said is right. You have indeed reconciled." It seemed that Glen didn't say anything, but only he knew how he felt.

It was true that Glen was happy.

Glen didn't know why he was so happy. He just knew that he was very happy now. It seemed that he felt happy for Lancy.

Originally, Leona wanted to get something from Glen, but she didn't expect that she would be asked by him instead.

She was so annoyed that she had to admit, "yes, we have reconciled. So what? You haven't answered my question yet. Tell me, why do you help us? "

At this moment, Glen was in a good mood. It was rare for him to open his heart. He looked out of the window, and his eyes became deep. "To be exact, I'm not helping you, but helping her."

Without the word "we", the only person that Glen wanted to hel

ould such a person betray his sister?

From beginning to end, Glen had never believed it. Ironically, he could do nothing but watch helplessly, unable to help her when she needed help most.

On the one hand, the incident happened too suddenly, like a wildfire. Before everyone could react, it had already been settled.

On the other hand, at that time, Glen was also trapped. When he escaped, Lancy had already disappeared.

At first, Glen had thought of Leona, but what Leona did made him give up completely.

To put it bluntly, at that time, Glen thought that Leona was untrustworthy. Moreover, because of Leona's attitude, Glen had always been indifferent to her. Before that, the two of them were not even nodding acquaintances.

How could it be possible that Leona didn't remember anything that even Glen could remember!

Leona's face darkened. She raised her eyes and said, "I know, I know!"

Only when she was cheated would she Leona had long regretted, so she would never let go of Boliy.

Leona's pain was not covered up at all. Perhaps it was because of this, Glen's tone softened. "Since she said so, you should believe her, shouldn't you?"

What Glen meant was that Lancy trusted him.

Hearing that, the corners of Leona's mouth twitched. She took a weird look at this man. If she was not mistaken, he was smiling, wasn't he?

It was not until now that Leona found that the man's eyes became particularly bright at the mention of Lancy, which were completely two different from those when he attacked her! In comparison Leona was speechless.

Why are you treated so differently?

However, it was also because of the different treatment that Leona believed in what Glen said. "Are you really in love with her? Or do you want to protect her in silence and love her forever? " There was more or less a hint of ridicule in his tone.

Because he had poked her in the foot before!

Every dog has his day.

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