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   Chapter 549 A Direct Conversation

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"It sounds that you have made a lot of mistakes today!" Auden said with a fake smile. His voice was neither low nor high, so that the person on the other end of the phone could hear him clearly.

Holding her hand tightly, Ning Jing wanted to retort, but stopped on a second thought.

After all, the phone was still connected.

"Well, Lancy's thing is none of your business."

It never occurred to Boliy that her proposal was rejected in this way, and she didn't even have a chance to explain in detail.

"Leader, please listen to me..."

"Enough!" The leader snapped. His anger could be sensed on the phone. "Mind your own business, or do you want me to investigate the whereabouts of your subordinate, Adolf?"


Boliy felt that his sky was going to collapse, Adolf, Adolf! She opened her eyes wide in horror, and her hands were trembling unconsciously. It was fear, she was very scared!

She had thought that she could hide the truth forever, but now it was revealed! The leader knew it now. How could Boliy not be afraid!

"Leader, please listen to my explanation."

"Boliy, for the sake of your past achievements, I can let it go! But this time, it won't happen again. Besides, I don't like to listen to others' nonsense, understand? " The man scolded her, warned her, and even threatened her.

Boliy shut up and dared not say one more word.

And the person on the other end of the phone had already hung up the phone before she could be obedient.

She had thought that it was a sure thing to win, but it turned out to be like this in front of Auden What was ridiculous was that she had offended Auden just now, and now she had really become a joke.

Her face was deathly pale. Facing Auden, she felt humiliated, and even had no confidence.

"Why?" Embarrassed, Boliy looked at Auden. She didn't care about the feud. She just wanted to know why! Why?

Auden snorted. How did she get to this position?

It was obvious that the leader had his own arrangement. He didn't need anyone to interfere, nor did he want to hear other people's so-called 'suggestion'.

He was the leader, not a subordinate at the disposal of others.

Boliy couldn't even see her position clearly. How ridiculous she was to say explanation and advice in front of the leader.

Now, she even asked why?

This made Auden wonder how Boliy managed to reach her current position.

Ah, I remember that Lancy was the first She became the first killer because Lancy left, didn't she?

Even if Lancy was still there, Boliy, as the second place, shouldn't be like this! Auden's eyes were full of doubt as he looked at Boliy. What on earth made her lose her reason that she was so proud of?

Yes, sensibility was the only reasonable explanation that elder Auden could think of.

If Boliy didn't have the ability, she wouldn't have been able to hold the golden throne she had obtained with great efforts during the years when Lancy was absent.

It was known that the

Perhaps that matter had been turned over in the leader's heart.

Maybe she still had hope.

Of course, this would happen a few months later. She would know what the leader thought of her and whether she would be put in an important position in the future.

Now, let's not talk about it for the time being.

This was the first time that Glen had seen Leona since he came back from Alaska.

"It's great that you can come back alive." Glen and Leona were acquaintances, so they didn't greet each other directly.

No wonder he said so. He came back in a hurry in order to find Leona. But there was no news.

He didn't find Leona's corpse or any clue, as if she had disappeared from the world.

But now, she was back safe and sound.

There must be some twists and turns, which made Glen very curious.

After thinking for a while, Leona realized that now, they were on the same boat. He had expressed his stand and determination in the past.

"Glen, why do you help us?" There was a question in Leona's heart all the time. With the power behind him, Glen's future was unpredictable. He really didn't need it. Really

As far as Leona knew, in the organization, Glen and Auden were always loyal to the leader instead of standing on someone's side.

In other words, no matter who became the leader, there was no risk for them.

What Glen did was to risk his future.

If Leona didn't answer his question, it meant that Glen had to answer her question, and the answer he gave must be reasonable and satisfy her. Otherwise, it was uncertain whether she would say it or not.

"Don't you think it's too late, Leona?" Glen smiled

"Don't you think it's too late to doubt me after so many things have happened? If I had a second thought, you would have been done long ago. By then, you will have no chance to stand in front of me. " What Glen said hit the nail on the head. He had to admit that he was right. "However, you are still fine, which has proved everything."

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