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   Chapter 548 Being Anxious And Making Mistakes Again

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Auden didn't show any happiness or unhappiness. Even if he frowned, the other people would think that he was murderous and angry.

After Boliy made her comments and suggestions, the room fell into a terrible silence.

Boliy had been well prepared, and she had practiced the above words thousands of times in her heart. However, at this time, facing Auden, Boliy was restless.

Did he agree or not? Or did he have any other idea?

Boliy rubbed her fingers. She was still too young to face a powerful man like Auden. She felt that the old man's indifferent eyes had seen through her.

She tried her best to calm down. She couldn't let Auden find out that she had an ulterior motive.

"What do you think, sir?" Boliy licked her dry lips and said, "still, do you think there is anything wrong?"

"Before, Leona, Glen and Jean failed to catch her back. It can be seen that after seven years, she not only didn't make a concession, but also became more powerful. Not only did we lose Jean, but also our final task failed. I am really anxious. "

Boliy meant to tell the seriousness of the whole matter and the danger of Lancy, but she didn't notice that when she mentioned the name of Glen, the eyes of Auden darkened obviously.

"Do you mean that Glen and Leona are incapable?" Auden asked.

Boliy was stunned for a moment, and then realized that Auden seemed a little unhappy. A trace of regret flashed through her eyes! Why did she mention Glen? Was she too anxious?

Boliy smiled apologetically, "No, I think Glen is most capable. That woman is so cunning. Otherwise, she wouldn't have escaped for seven years and be safe now, right? "

Boliy explained, trying to show that he didn't mean to belittle or question Glen.

She secretly observed the expression on the face of Auden, and saw that he seemed to be a little relaxed, so she breathed a sigh of relief. Everyone knew that Glen was the most proud and valued disciple of Auden.

She couldn't say anything bad about Glen.

That was also the reason why when she calculated Lancy for the first time, Jean didn't report because she thought that Glen had neglected the project.

It was also because Boliy was also afraid of Glen and Leona, but she could only make trouble for Leona. He could only plot against Leona, not daring to hurt Glen.

Everyone knew that a lamb should be bullied.

Provoking Glen was followed by the covetous eyes of all the old members who were on the same side with Auden, waiting for an opportunity to revenge. It was clear which was more important.

It was not that Glen couldn't be offended, but that the people behind him couldn't.

"What do you think, sir? Can't you do anything to Lancy? " Boliy blurted out.

As soon as she finished speaking, Boliy trembled. The overbearing pressure swept towards her, making her face pale and almost out of breath.

Elder Auden deserved to be respe

she only saw the back of the leader from a distance. It was completely possible to see her status from the position she was arranged at the ceremony.

Although she was one of the best killers, there was still a distance from the center of power.

It was too late for Boliy to blame Auden, nor did he even have time to be angry. She answered the phone respectfully and began her first talk with the leader.

The words were same as what she said to Auden.

However, this time, no matter how anxious Boliy was, he didn't dare to urge her or play any dirty tricks.

After thinking for a while, Boliy put the phone on the table and put it on speaker.

She did this just in case. It was much better for two people to hear it in person than one person.

From the voice on the phone, it was not difficult to know that this was the young leader.

However, being young didn't mean that she was incapable. The short conversation made Boliy's heart beat faster and she didn't dare to look down upon the young leader.

"I will think about it." The leader's voice was emotionless, cold and indifferent. His attitude was not softened because Boliy was the best killers on the killers list.

Boliy subconsciously glanced at Auden. Biting her lips, she was extremely anxious, but she still asked respectfully, "leader, what do you mean?"

The other end of the phone was silent for a while and sneered. "Is this how Boliy, who ranks first on the list, looks like?"

"What?" Boliy's heart jolted. Did she say something wrong? Why did the leader's words sound unhappy?

Boliy's mind was working. She didn't say anything wrong?

The leader's tone suddenly became cold. "When do I have to explain my decision to you? You just need to obey and act. Do you need me to teach you? "

Obviously, Boliy was in a panic. She didn't want to be blacklisted by the leader. "Leader, you misunderstood me. I, I absolutely didn't mean that."

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