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From the moment Boliy failed and lost control of Leona, she had no illusions anymore. Things would fall sooner or later.

If Lancy hadn't noticed her difference for a long time, she couldn't be called her opponent at all!

That woman was so smart and sensitive that even if Boliy was unwilling to admit it, he had to admit it! Otherwise, she wouldn't have been suppressed to death by that woman for so many years. In the past six years, she wouldn't have been out of danger again and again. She wouldn't still live well till now.

Although Boliy misunderstood Lancy's six-year escape life, she was right about the chip and other things.

Thinking of this, Boliy thought that if Leona officially contacted with Lancy, she could no longer hide what happened seven years ago! The two sisters reconciled. Of course, Leona had to be with Lancy.

Maybe the two sisters would plot something and think about how to retaliate against her.

No matter what happened, Boliy didn't care. If she could set her up for the first time, the second time, there must be a third time. The only sure thing was that Leona would never come back.

Why was Boliy so sure?

As a matter of fact, she and Lancy had grown up together, but the two of them hadn't become friends. This kind of relationship is the most frightening, because this is a friend who is not real friend. He knows you very well.

Of course, Boliy knew how good the relationship between the four people, Lancy, Leona, Roxie and Cindy, was.

They had misunderstood each other for seven years. Of course, Leona would take care of Lancy, and they would become the same as before, unable to leave each other for a moment. Because she had lost her, she would cherish her more when she got her again.

Of course, Boliy turned a blind eye to such kind of sister affection.

More importantly, she had schemed against Leona. With Lancy's character, she would definitely not let her come back. Because Lancy would not put her only good friend in danger. The organization was not Lancy's territory anymore, but hers.

Logically speaking, Leona would never come back.

But what was going on now?

As soon as Boliy heard the news that Leona was back, she rushed over and happened to see Leona coming out of the superior's office. The two of them bumped into each other.

The corners of Boliy's eyes twitched. She didn't expect that it was really Leona. How could she come back?

When their eyes met, it must be a lie if Boliy didn't feel guilty or nervous. The only thing she felt guilty about was that she left without permission during the mission and didn't obey the order.

Oh, no, and the scheme against Lancy that year.

Compared with the latter one, Boliy was worried about the former one. After all, it happened several years ago. There was no evidence. Leona could do nothing with her words!

Boliy was a little uneasy at that moment, with a hint of viciousness flashing in her eyes. If Leona spoke something bad to her, she would not let her go!

How dare she oppose her Now tha

think, she knew what Boliy would say to Auden. Shee just wanted to find a way to kill Lancy, but she didn't know what Auden would think.

Would he really be persuaded by Boliy? Leona was not sure, really not sure.

Frowning tightly, Leona was anxious and didn't know what to do! In fact, she could do nothing now.

She couldn't break in at this time, which would only make things more complicated.

With her eyes closed, Leona was in a complete mess, totally different from her expression.

Inside, Boliy and Auden had almost reached an agreement!

As what Leona expected, Boliy suggested to deal with the matter of Lancy to the highest level. Let alone anything else, it was absolutely a great humiliation to let a traitor escape for seven years and remain safe till now.

The prestige and deterrence of the organization were reduced because of her. Lancy, not only for its members, but also for other hostile forces, should never exist.

Don't forget why Lancy betrayed.

It was not for her freedom, nor for living an ordinary life, but for being entangled with the biggest enemy of "S Group".

In the past, with Lancy's status and trust, she must have known a lot of Secrets of the organization. That was also the reason why the organization got furious when they knew her "betrayal".

In short, all in all, what Boliy meant was that they couldn't let Lancy go anymore. Even if she tried her best to catch that woman in the shortest time, she had to kill her even if she had to shoot her on the spot.

Anyway, the organization couldn't use her anymore. Keeping her alive would become a disaster!

What Boliy said was reasonable, convincing and infectious! It seemed to be well organized from every angle.

However, Auden did not make a conclusion at the first time. He did not even make a basic statement.

Auden was the most solemn and serious one among the four elders. In the fight, he had already been full of murderous will. He was not angry but powerful, and his dignity was carved in his bones.

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