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   Chapter 545 Throwing Herself At Him

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9357

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Sara was very confident. With a bright face, a graceful figure, and the unique temperament of a model, she had always been a beauty in the eyes of men. She was the favor of God.

Her delicate skin was fragrant, which was the top perfume of F country, very attractive!

If it were another man, he would have held her in his arms.

Sara leaned on Myron's body and whispered in his ear.

Myron felt hot all over his body. His tight body was sensitive, but he frowned! The pungent perfume filled his surroundings. He subconsciously pushed the woman who he couldn't see clearly out.

Sara was stunned, but she didn't take it seriously. She walked up to him again.

"Go away!" Myron frowned more tightly. The smell of this woman was really unbearable for him. He tried hard to open his eyes and finally saw the woman in front of him clearly.

It was a strange woman.

If it had to be described by Myron, he would describe her in this way -- gorgeous and vulgar!

gorgeous enough, sexy enough, and then... Nothing else. He felt nothing but disgust.

And this woman was obviously well-prepared. It was obvious that she was trying to seduce him. Ha ha, did she want to take him as the stepping stone and squeeze into the rich family?

It had to be said that Myron was a little extreme now. He felt that any woman who approached her had ulterior motives, and even was filthy and unbearable.

Perhaps women who approached him had their own thoughts, but it was far from what Myron thought. Moreover, Myron is a very attractive existence for women, and there are always people who really like him.

But now, Myron couldn't feel that.

"Who are you?" Myron's displeasure was evident. Fortunately, Sara knew his feeling and didn't get close to him.

Sara smiled charmingly, as if she wasn't the one who was repeatedly refused by the man. "I'm Sara. Would you like to drink with me?"

Myron gave her a deep look. He neither refused nor agreed.

Sara took it for granted that he agreed.

"Mr. Myron seldom comes here recently. Is there anything bothering you?" Sara cleverly revealed her snow-white career line. "Can you tell me? I promise I will never tell a word to a third person?"

"Even if you scold me." Sara blinked her eyes mischievously, indicating that she was not prying into personal privacy. She just wanted to make him happy.

It had to be said that Sara was definitely an outstanding woman in terms of methods to make man happy.

Myron chuckled and his voice became louder and louder, making it hard to tell what he was laughing at.

With his eyes full of sarcasm completely opened, Myron stared straight at the woman, which made Sara panic. He suddenly asked, "do you like me?"

Well, what a straightforward question.

Sara was stunned. Obviously, she didn't

Myron's words made her heart skip a beat.

"I used to know nothing like you." Myron used two words "used to".

He didn't know it before, but what about now?

Sara was still leaning on the man, but there was no warmth and ambiguity between them. God knew how stiff she was now. She couldn't make a sound, so she calmed down and asked unconsciously, "So, what about you now?"

Myron chuckled as if he had heard the funniest joke. He stared at the woman with his dark eyes, as if he wanted her to see his true soul. "Now, now I know! I know everything... "

Myron smiled bitterly. No one was more despicable and shameless than him!

He knew that she was his sister-in-law and they loved each other, but he didn't give up and thought about something!

All kinds of suspicions and excuses However, he could deceive others, but not himself! He had already known the fact that no matter what kind of person his brother was, no matter what secret he hid, she loved him, which was undoubted.

But what about him? As his young brother, he always wanted to expose him.

Myron didn't know whether he was right or not. From Lancy's point of view, it seemed to be right, but from the family's point of view, it was also wrong.

Myron felt that he was split in half, with an angel on one side and a devil on the other! They shared the same brain and the same heart.

He was going crazy!

Myron couldn't extricate himself from this extremely negative and condemned world. He pulled the woman's hair with one hand and tightened his fingers.

He didn't even realize it.

It was precisely because of this that Sara fell into endless fear. She looked at this man in disbelief. She didn't even dare to cry out for pain, so she had to grit her teeth.

Maybe the man would calm down after enduring for a while.

However, Sara was doomed to be disappointed.

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