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   Chapter 543 The Bare Feet

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Poor Carl was sweating with anxiety, but he could only helplessly escort his wife there. He couldn't be careless at all! Along the way, he was curious about what was in the bags?

There should be nothing missing in the villa, so Carl racked his brains to come up with a solution.

Freda rushed into the villa without any obstruction. Before he could see her, he began to shout, "Lancy! Lancy! I'm here to see you!"

Carl behind her was frightened and his face was even paler than the white paper!

Carl's heart skipped a beat as she moved. Finally, he couldn't help but say, "Freda! Behave yourself... "

"…… What's wrong? " Freda covered her ears and pursed her lips in grievance. To her surprise, she really stopped and stopped jumping.

Lancy was wearing a loose sweater, plain striped trousers and an ear hat, stretching out her head from the French window.

Lancy scratched her ears and said in confusion.

'We haven't seen each other for months. Have you changed? Or did Carl finally counterattack?'

When Freda turned around, Lancy smiled. She had known the reason.

"Freda, I'm here." Finally, Lancy was allowed to go downstairs. At the moment when the wind blew, she wished she could run around the villa.

Of course, this plan was completely stalled because of the BOSS.

People saw Lancy running towards her with her rabbit ears. Her bright eyes were full of surprise, and her eyes were always focused on a certain part.

That was, the bulging belly of Freda.

In just a few months, what Lancy missed was not only the wedding of Freda and Carl, but also the process of her belly bulging.

'It should be about four months?'

The belly of Freda was obviously curving, which could be faintly seen even in loose clothes. Of course, it was still not as big as seven or eight months.

No wonder Carl was so careful, and no wonder Freda was so obedient.

It seemed that the girl had always forgotten her own health because of her first pregnancy.

"Lancy!" Freda's eyes were wet. She hadn't seen her sister-in-law for a long time. It didn't make sense! She missed Lancy so much that she couldn't eat or sleep well

However, Lancy keenly found that Freda was much more plump.

It could be seen that Carl was very considerate.

"Yes, I am here!" Lancy reached out her demonic hand to Freda's belly and touched it again and again. "Freda, your belly is so big. It's amazing."

She thought it was amazing. Lancy had never touched a pregnant woman's belly before. It was hard and hot. She was a little afraid when touching it, fearing that she might use the wrong strength.

Freda was stunned and her smiling face froze for a second. She wanted to give Lancy a hug, but her attention was distracted.

Freda came to her senses and patted her belly, "I also think it's amazing."

"Lancy! You must

t was less than two hours since the last meal.

She touched her belly subconsciously and lowered her ears, "Mom, eat again I'm not hungry. I'm full. " She was already full.

With a reproachful look at her, Sherry muttered, "Nonsense! You just drank some soup at noon. I'm afraid you've already been hungry! Before leaving, Dr. Joseph told me that you can only eat liquid food and can't eat much nutritious food. Well, that's the only way I can think of for you. Why don't you eat more? "

Sherry chattered. If there was anything else that bothered her now, it was Lancy's body! She was so thin that a gust of wind could blow her away.

"Honey, eat it. I've cooked bone soup for you tonight, and I'll cook delicious food for you. " Patting Lancy's head, Sherry looked at her expectantly.

At night... She had to eat more...

It was a horrible story.

Lancy secretly winked at Marvin, just for help.

With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, Marvin patted her head seriously and said unhurriedly, "Mom made it for you. Eat more! Don't let her down, okay? "

If there was anyone who wanted Lancy to grow up the most, it must be Marvin!

Biting the spoon, Lancy's eyes were filled with tears. She knew that she shouldn't ask someone for help. He wished she could be a pig!

Lancy moved her buttocks and began to eat porridge.

Marvin smiled more brightly and his cold eyes looked energetic. He had known that Lancy was softhearted. If he were Sherry, Lancy would have turned the world upside down... Strangely enough, she had never refused his mother's request.

This warmed Marvin's heart.

Sherry felt warm in her heart.

Freda was stunned and muttered, "Lancy, you are so lucky. Mom has never treated me like this."

It was the first time that Freda had seen her mother with such maternal glow!

It must be impossible to say that she was not affected!

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