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   Chapter 542 Just Recovered From A Serious Disease

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Lancy's eyes lit up. She seemed to know the man's plan! "In this way, we can protect ourselves and make Boliy unable to make up her mind. On the contrary, she will restrain herself because of fear. Our counterattack can also buy more time. More importantly, Boliy couldn't get Leona involved with me, so he didn't have the chance to tell the organization that Leona had betrayed it. "

Only in this way could Leona really avoid the danger that she was about to face.

Lancy never doubted that Boliy would deal with Leona in this way. For that woman, she didn't care whether the method had been used or not, as long as it was useful.

Lancy didn't need to guess how she would deal with Leona.

On the one hand, she could deal with Leona; on the other hand, she could make it worse when reporting Lancy, so as to achieve her goal!

If it were Lancy, she would do the same.

"How to report and why? Think about it yourself." Marvin made a decision decisively. "After contacting with Glen, we can confirm the real intention of the higher authorities. That's enough."

With the guidance of Marvin, Leona's thoughts became clearer and clearer. She had to admit that this man was really not simple! No wonder... No wonder...

Looking at the man up and down, Leona thought that perhaps only this man deserved Lancy to protect her for a lifetime.

"I know what to do. I'll call Glen right away." Leona looked away and went back to her room to contact Glen.

Lancy shook her head with a smile and said, "Leona acts as usual. She is the most impatient one among the sisters. "

Marvin raised his eyebrows. Was this her key point?

The man crossed his arms over his chest and stared at Lancy with a faint smile, as if he was listening attentively!

How could Lancy not know what the man meant? She crooked her finger at him, but the smile in her eyes could not be hidden, as if she could not help laughing in the next second.

Raising his eyebrows, Marvin leaned forward honestly.

If BOSS Marvin had a beard, Lancy would be happier.

She sat cross legged on the bed, and the quilt had already been lifted to the other end. She leaned forward slightly, inadvertently outlining her charming curve, but she didn't know it. Her starry eyes stared at the man, and finally reached out her hand.

Her soft hand pinched the man's chin, which was different from the smooth one as usual. Because he had taken care of her these days, Marvin didn't want to spend too much time taking care of himself. The beard on his chin popped out, and it was a little thorny.

Lancy's eyes darkened, as if she was naughty, ingratiating or playing tricks. She pinched several times in a row and said, "You are our hero, aren't you? Our BOSS is the smartest, the most powerful and the most admirable, okay? "

She had never known that this man had such a childish side. She could know from his obvious hostility to Leona. "Honey

peared. After experiencing such a painful thing, it was reasonable for her to change her temperament.

He heard from his grandson that Nina also made things worse when Lancy was in trouble this time.

He knew that Nina must have ulterior motives to stay in the Lu Clan Speaking of this, Mr. Sidney was a little angry. He glanced at Mrs. Wilson. If she hadn't left Nina with ulterior motives, so many things wouldn't have happened!

Mrs. Wilson, who was vented, only smiled. Now that she had too many lices, she was not afraid of itch at all.

Unfortunately, Lancy had recovered!

What about the infectious disease?

What about the ICU treatment?

What if her life was hanging by a thread and her condition got worse?

Mrs. Wilson always felt that the whole thing was not simple. Why did she say that she was sick when she exposed the "love"? It was so strange to think about it now.

Was that woman not sick at all!

At the thought of this possibility, Mrs. Wilson felt distressed. She wished she could bring a trusted doctor to see what was going on.

But... Mrs. Wilson cast a glance at Mr. Sidney and she gave up the idea.

Since that day, Mr. Sidney had become more and more indifferent to her, even in front of the children.

After all, what she said at that time was true that Mr. Sidney cared about her, wasn't it?

Mrs. Wilson would rather believe it. If she didn't take it seriously and didn't mind, how could Mr. Sidney treat her like this?

It was precisely because she had touched his reverse scales that he had heard it.

Well, a little pity messed up a big plan. She could bear it!

Mrs. Wilson didn't want to be quiet, so she had to.

Compared with Mrs. Wilson who behaved herself, Freda was much happier. She couldn't wait to hear the good news from her brother. She packed her bags and was about to go to the villa, but no one could stop her!

In fact, at this stage, no one dared to stop her.

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