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   Chapter 541 Flaws

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Lancy blinked innocently, "you know, I'm not good at it! It's good to leave it to Ray. "

"Does Mr. Sidney know that?" There was no need to explain so much about the conversation between smart people. Lancy naturally thought that if Ray took over the Lan Clan, his surname would not change.

"The two grandfathers have already discussed it."

Marvin and Lancy chatted with each other about their daily lives.

Sitting next to them, Leona was surprised and curious. She had forgotten it before. After all, she had lost her memory, and she was an ordinary person. But now? She had already returned to normal. How could she have such a side?

Leona could never imagine that Lancy would spend the rest of her life with a man and live a happy life with him.

Every time she tried to imagine, the cruel and ruthless side of Lancy would always appear in her mind If it was used in family life, the scene would be too beautiful to see at all!

Therefore, now Lancy, who was chatting with Marvin casually, showed a side that Leona had never seen before.

The excessive concentration of Leona attracted the attention of [兰岚]. [兰岚] touched her face and asked curiously, "Leona, why are you staring at me?"

Hearing that, Leona smiled without saying a word. Then she said seriously, "[娜娜] and the Jiang clan can't stir up trouble anymore, but it doesn't mean that you are safe. Don't forget that there is also Ning Jing. "

"Ning Jing has returned to the organization. Even if she won't appear in S city in a short time, she can still do whatever she wants after she has her men." Leona was worried and gritted her teeth. "It's good for her to go back to the organization."

Without hesitation, Lancy interrupted Leona, "you can't go back at this time. Now you are exposed. If you go back, she will never let you go. "

Yes, Leona wanted to go back again.

She had to get that woman back.

"But if I don't go back, we can do nothing to her!" Leona was anxious. "Who knows if she will do it herself next time? Do we have to wait like this all the time? When? "

Lancy frowned and snapped, "Leona, calm down!"


With a cold look, Leona finally calmed down.

Lancy said slowly, "you are too impulsive. So what? Did her subordinates only obey her orders in the organization? Do you think she will repeat the same mistake after she loses this time? The reason why Boliy can get what she wants today is that she will never allow herself to make mistakes. "

"This time, I'm afraid I have offended her! If I'm not mistaken, she will start to persuade her superiors to make trouble for me after she comes back. " Noticing that Marvin frowned, Lancy smiled. "I did it secretly without the permission of the superior."

Leona's face suddenly turned pale. It was obvious that she hadn't thought of this at all.

She had thought that Boliy would be quiet for a period of time after losing once and losing his subordinates. To be hones

or seven years. It could be seen how much influence she had suffered.

Leona might not have noticed something at that time. How could she be sure now?

In their business, caution was their instinct! Once he made a mistake, he was very likely to lose his life. Especially when it came to intelligence, he couldn't be careless.

"Well..." Leona paused for a second. She gritted her teeth and was not sure whether she could make sure or not. "But last time, my task with Jean and Glen was directly assigned by the superior. I'm sure of this! It means that no matter what, we must take Lancy back. It is definitely not a killing order. "

Hearing that, Marvin touched his eyebrows. He roughly understood why Leona was deceived and used by Boliy.

Marvin didn't know what Leona used to look like or how she behaved in front of outsiders, so he didn't comment. But he was sure that once something related to Lancy was involved, Leona's IQ would be offline.

On the other hand, it's because this woman had a deep relationship with Lancy.

Thinking of this, BOSS Lu's face became colder.

"Contact Glen." Marvin proposed to Leona without hesitation.

"Marvin?" Lancy looked sideways in surprise.

After giving her a hint to calm down, Marvin explained slowly, "Lancy, unless you want your good friend to experience what you have experienced again, she must not lose contact with the organization at this time."

Lancy unconsciously trembled and subconsciously moved closer to Marvin. It was a little cold!

How could she just stand by and watch Leona experienced what she had experienced She had been running away for seven years. Yes, she forgot. How could she forget

"Leona should contact with Glen or any other person you trust immediately, and it would be better if it was your direct boss." "Don't mention anything about Boliy. Just report the schedule and tasks to your superior as if nothing had happened," said Marvin, tapping his fingertips

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