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   Chapter 538 Court Trial

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It was a bolt from the blue. She had been cut off all contact with the Lan Clan, and the people in her circle regarded her as a snake, so none of them want run away. Soon, Jill fell into a helpless situation.

As Mr. Lakin said, she couldn't see her daughter now.

Half a month ago, the police came to the door to investigate Nina. Fortunately, there was no direct evidence to prove that Jill was suspected, so the final result was to let her stay at her residence in the near future, not out of the city, and be summoned at any time.

In other words, Jill was not allowed to leave Alaska, let alone go abroad.

She must have been under the police's surveillance.

When Jill came to her senses, she found that she was a fish in the net and couldn't move! But what about her daughter? What should she do?

What Jill could do was to hire a lawyer.

It was also from the lawyer that Jill knew what had happened and what role her daughter had played in this case.

Andy-the name of the man came out of the water.

It was not the first time that Jill heard of this name. Her daughter had mentioned it a long time ago. It was the leader of the Jiang Group and also their supporter.

The grudge between the Jiang clan and the Lan Clan was not a secret in the circle, and Jill had heard of it. Therefore, it was reasonable for Andy to support Nina. Of course, it would be more expected if Andy took this opportunity to take charge of the Lan Group.

However, it never occurred to Jill that Mr. Andy would also take part in this case.

Yes, just as Nina told her everything!

As for what she told us, I think everyone knows that Andy was caught with her. Naturally, she should seize the only chance!

Mr. Andy was the real mastermind.

As for Nina, she was at most an accomplice.

Nina had been detained for nearly a month. Did everyone think that she was still the proud and fearless woman?

Only those who had really entered the room knew the feeling of being locked inside.

How is Nina now?

Madness was beyond description of her current state.

After several interrogations by the police, Nina had already collapsed! Her eyes were empty and her attention was unfocused, especially in the detention house, where there were also others being detained.

Even though there was a fence between them, it was enough to drive Nina crazy.

Nina once protested why Andy was a single room and she had to be locked up with these people. No matter how much she protested or cursed, it was useless. No one cared about her!

The police said that everything was done according to the rules and regulations, and there was no exception.

Mr. Andy applied for a separate detention room because of his old age and pain.

And she, based on the principle of humanity, was now treated specially for the sake of her gender. She also wanted more preferential treatment. Ha ha, I'm sorry. This is the p

s had been at odds for so many years, but as long as they didn't step into each other's thunder area, they would be fine.

Unfortunately, it was too late to regret...

Lakin looked as usual, whether in front of the judge, the prosecutor or Nina. There was no fluctuation in his eyes. He was extremely calm.

If Nina hadn't been immersed in her own world, she would have found that although Mr. Lakin looked cold, he didn't exaggerate the fact.

He didn't aim at these two people on purpose, but to be honest.

However, the last thing Nina and Andy wanted to do was to tell the truth.

Everything was going in an orderly way. Why didn't Nina and Andy want to refute. But they couldn't... Because they knew that it was absolutely not a wise move to deny it even if the witness had sufficient evidence.

Leniency for those who confess their crimes and severity for those who refuse to be punished are not useless legally.

What they could fight for was probably cooperation and leniency.

It was proved that Jill was not involved in the kidnapping, so she was in the front row and the middle of the auditorium.

Tears streamed down her face.

Jill looked haggard today, with only a layer of powder on her face. She looked more simple and ordinary than before! After taking off the jewelry, she was just like an ordinary woman in two aspects.

Jill had never thought that such a day would come.

Her daughter, whom she was proud of, had become a prisoner, condemned by everyone, falling from heaven to dust!

Since then, there was no chance to make a comeback.

Sitting on the top and on the bottom, Nina had mixed feelings. She was frightened, uneasy and prayed, with a trace of luck in her heart all the time.

However, from the moment when Lakin spoke in the court, there was no chance at all.

Every word and sentence of Mr. Lakin didn't mean to defend Nina at all.

The next step was the final trial result.

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