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   Chapter 536 Fairy Tale

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Anyway, as long as she could get through that period of time, she would be fine.

To a certain extent, Lancy could bear it well. Compared with the feeling when she was attacked, she remembered more clearly the feeling of coldness and warmth after that.

This also proved that the careful care of BOSS Lu was not useless.

If there was not him, Lancy would have had a hard time.

Of course, it would be better if there was no such noise.

To be honest, when Lancy almost recovered from her coma, the familiar voice sounded again. This time, unlike before, she could hear every word clearly.

All the time, Lancy's feelings depended on her body's first reaction. The most honest reaction had nothing to do with her personal will.

In other words, her personal will had left her for a long time.

So, now her brain suddenly became clear, which made her a little uncomfortable!

As the man's pleasant voice intruded into her brain like a magic sound, Lancy had reluctantly accepted it from the initial disgust. She also felt that she was so tired.

How persistent was he that he could talk to her endlessly!

Lancy praised herself in silence. While fighting against her eyelids, she pricked up her ears.

Poisonous apple... It sounded like he was lying to a child.

Seven short men... It had no attacking power, just like chicken ribs.

The more Lancy listened, the more familiar she felt. So, what was that person talking about? The story of Princess Elva? Please don't make notes at will, okay?

Next came Mrs. wolf.

Red Riding Hood... Her clothes were so eye-catching that it was inevitable to attract the big bad wolf.

Grandma... The old man lived alone in the depths of the forest. His family was too irresponsible.

The wolf ate up her grandma and took her place

Lancy groaned and she couldn't stand it at all! With this resentment, she finally opened her eyes. Congratulations! "Please don't read it!"

The man was surprised and threw the book under the bed. He put his hands on her face and asked excitedly, "Lancy, are you awake?"

'Did she really wake up?'

Marvin was not sure if she had really woken up or was it another undoubtedly groan.

Over the past few days, Marvin had calmed down.

Subconsciously, Lancy put her hands and feet on his body, grabbed his collar and crossed her legs over his body. She sobbed, "I'm dying, I'm dying..."

Marvin was a little confused, mixed with joy and anger.

The good thing was that Lancy was no longer immersed in her illusion. He could know one or two things from her words, at least it was not related to the past.

To his surprise, she said, "I'm dying...''

Hearing that, Marvin's heart clenched. He held Lancy in his arms and comforted her with his last words, "No, no... How could it be? How could my Lancy die? You will be fine. "

Lancy struggled for a while, but her head made a noise in the man's arms. She was so angry that she opened her mouth and bit the man

ion a gun, if she really did as she wished, her hands would really be disabled in the future?

That woman, Boliy, had blocked all Lancy's back roads!

Fortunately, he was there...

There was also a flash of emotion and gratitude in her misty eyes. When she was in the most awkward and helpless time, this man helped her find herself back, and even never give up!

Marvin felt his throat tightened and his ears turned red. He didn't know what to say. "Ahem, Ray and Rani said you like it."

Every day, Mommy would tell a record of five fairy tales. When the babies were three years old, they protested against the bedtime story and failed Anyway, he didn't know why it ended up like this.

Lancy pursed her lips and searched for her memory. It seemed to be true.

Compared with the notes of BOSS Lu, her adaptation of fairy tale was -- flabbergasted! Lancy touched her hot cheeks. The past was too painful to look back. At that time, she was really Black history, it was a complete black history.

Well, in this case, she had no position to complain about him.

"Ray and Rani came back?" Lancy finally caught the key point. She was ecstatic and she was about to struggle to get up.

However, the hand on her waist stopped her.

"…… Huh? " Lancy was confused.

Marvin held her more tightly and said in a magnetic voice. There was a hint of pleasure in his eyes. Apparently, he enjoyed the moment when the girl was in his arms.

The girl in his arms was no longer in a coma, nor in a daze. It was really good for the two to be so close to each other, talking and chatting!

"Ray, Rani and grandfather have returned to the Lan Clan."

"How is Grandpa?" Since her memory was intact, of course Lancy knew that her grandfather had been out of danger for a long time. However, as he was old, the recovery of his body was far less than that of young people. He was much weaker than before. "Originally, grandpa don't need to worry about it... It's all my fault. "

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