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   Chapter 529 Awe

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There were a variety of jewelry in the jewelry grid. Although Jill claimed to be used to a lot of things, she was still attracted by all kinds of jewelry at this moment.

"Oh my God..." The youngest maid was only responsible for the cleaning of the guest room. When she saw this for the first time, she couldn't help shouting.

All her life, she would never dare to think about having these.

"Madam, what are we going to do?" The elder servant was not confused by what she saw, and she looked particularly nervous. Because she knew how much Mr. Lakin valued Miss Lancy. As long as anything related to Miss Lancy, Mr. Lakin would treat it as if he was facing a formidable enemy and regarded it as the most important thing.

Jill came to herself and felt depressed. She adjusted her state of mind and said maliciously, "I want to redecorate the house from this room. What you need to do is to clean up the things here. "

Maid No. two looked around hesitantly and stammered, "How, how to sort it out?"

She was under a lot of pressure.

Jill stared at them angrily. They were too timid. "You should be very clear about the current situation of this family, right?"

The three nodded in a daze. Everyone in the Lan Clan knew that.

"Or do you want to be like the old housekeeper?" Jill narrowed her eyes.

The three of them shook their heads at the same time. If they could keep their jobs, they wanted to keep them.

"The Lan Clan is about to be cleansed. You know exactly how to do it." Sitting on the white couch, Jill rubbed her soft hair and raised her eyebrows. At this moment, she finally found the feeling of turning over to make the decision. This feeling was really wonderful. "If you don't want to be on the list, you'd better do as I say."

The poor servants were frightened. They nodded quickly and said in one voice, "Madam, please give me your order."

Jill smiled with satisfaction. She pointed around the room and said, "Clean up this room first. This room... Just take it as a storage room. "

"Storage room?" Maid No. three was so angry that her eyes almost fell to the ground. She couldn't understand why she made this room a storage room.

Wasn't it a waste?

There was a bit of innocence and ignorance in the maid's eyes. She didn't understand these curves. She only knew that if she were her, she would feel reluctant to make such a good room into a storage room.

However, the other people did not say anything with a serious face, and the maid had to be silent.

Because it was not her.

It was not her who could make the decision.

"What about these things?" Auberon asked in a hurry. She knew how to judge people's faces.

It was really hard for Jill.

I've told you that everything in Lancy's room is good. Jill's eyes turned red. Yes, no woman woul

lt flustered for no reason. She immediately targeted at these two people. She always felt that what these two people were talking about, such as laughing at her and mocking her, or something like this.

Jill blamed the two men for her sudden panic. They must have spoken ill of her behind her back, so she was so uneasy! "You two, you'd better go back and pack up your things now. By the way, Butler Liu, I have to warn you that you can't take away anything from the Lan Clan. I have to check them one by one before I leave. "

"Now that you have been driven out, you should have this awareness." Jill licked her lips and didn't doubt that she could really check her luggage.

From now on, since she took this family, she should follow her rules.

"And you, Li. You two can be bridesmaids!" Jill was proud of herself. She also told others that whoever dared to gang up with Butler Liu would be in big trouble!

The other servants in the room didn't dare to breathe heavily and quickly lowered their heads to do what they were doing.

Instead of getting angry, Butler Liu] laughed. Even Li laughed out loud.

She didn't realize that she was going to die, which meant that she was Jill.

Nobody knew who was going to be unlucky! Jill was behaving arrogantly in front of them. In the eyes of Butler Liu and Li, it was really ridiculous.

"What are you laughing at?" Jill became more flustered. She always felt that the two of them seemed to be plotting something and there was something hidden in their words. This feeling was disgusting and uneasy.

This uncontrollable feeling entangled Jill, and she tried to grasp something.

Butler Liu smiled faintly and said with a hint of meaning, "Jill, but as you said, if you want to leave, you should be clean. Don't take anything that shouldn't be taken away."

"…… Yes, I said it. So what? " Jill stammered.

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