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   Chapter 528 Who Should I Start With

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"Miss Lancy, Miss Lancy! Well, from now on, there is no Lancy in this house. And you, pack up and get out of here right now! " Jill was exasperated. She also wanted to punish Butler Liu as a warning to others. Everyone knew that.

However, Butler Liu was still unmoved.

While he was doing this, Butler Liu knew what kind of situation he would face.

He was expected to be kicked out.

In that case, how could she expect Butler Liu to be frightened by Jill's words?

Butler Liu laughed, but there was no truth in his smile. "Jill, as a housekeeper, I has signed a labor contract! The one who hired me is the Lan Clan, and the one who fired me should be the Lan Clan. "

In other words, you are just an outsider. What qualifications do you have to dismiss the servants of the Lan Clan?

Jill's well maintained hands trembled with anger! Looking at Butler Liu and the servants who were watching her, she said angrily, "Good, good, good! You mean, when Nina comes back, I will clean up all of you! "

The servants held their breath and didn't dare to look at them again. They could only do more things and speak less, fearing that they would become victims.

Only Butler Liu had a firm stand and attitude from beginning to end.

Even so, Butler Liu's heart missed a beat.

He stared at Jill, who was complacent. He gritted his teeth and had no way back. If he softened his attitude at this time, it would be an insult to himself. It was a big joke!

There was no turning back.

"I will accept whatever decision you make after Miss Nina comes back." Butler Liu puffed out his chest and said in a loud and steady voice. He was so determined in the face of the "evil force". "Now, please leave, Jill."

"You!" Jill was so angry that her face turned red. "Get out now, all of you."

Butler Liu raised his eyes and said seriously, ''Even if I'm going to be laid off, I have to do my job well. In the past, thanks to Mr. Lakin's promotion, the first responsibility of the pre job training was to serve the master with loyalty. I will leave after the resignation notice is received. Please don't worry about me, Jill. "

To put it more simply, he was the housekeeper for one day and would be the housekeeper for the rest of his life.

But he would never be the butler of these people. Butler Liu said that he was also very courageous!

"Well, well, well! I'm going in today. I'd like to see what you can do! " Jill twisted her body and was about to rush out.

How could a weak woman be a match for Butler Liu?

Of course, Butler Liu didn't really do anything. He just stood at the door and didn't allow anyone to enter.

Jill was exasperated. She felt like a clown who couldn't even control a servant. How could she have any prestige.

God knew that she couldn't get any benefit

inued to push his luck, he should not blame her.

Butler Liu's face darkened. Jill smiled with satisfaction and finally suppressed him.

Jill remembered that the youngest grandson of Butler Liu was just three years old and hadn't reached the age of kindergarten. She was still at home at this time. It would be hard to say if she made a scene and hurt the innocent.

Jill ordered the servants to break into Lancy's room before she got married. Although Butler Liu tried to stop them, he finally calmed down because of some misgivings.

Lancy's room was chosen and decorated by Mr. Lakin. It was even bigger than Mr. Lakin's own room. The decoration and furniture were impeccable.

It could be seen how considerate Mr. Lakin was.

Different from other people's appreciation and admiration, Jill felt uncomfortable!

Both Nina and Jill felt unfair. As the daughter of the Lan Clan, why did Lancy get much more than Nina?

It didn't mean that everything in Nina's room was not good.

It was Mr. Lakin's intention.

Before Lancy got married, neither Nina nor Jill wanted to come here. On the one hand, she disdained him; on the other hand, it was unnecessary.

Even on the day when Lancy got married, Jill didn't come in.

It was the first time that he had looked carefully at Lancy's room.

All of them were exquisite, which surprised the servants who followed her in. Especially when the cloakroom was opened, it could be described as two magnificent words.

That cloakroom was even larger than the master bedroom in some families.

There were all kinds of clothes for different occasions, such as hats, scarfs, shoes and so on. After all, Jill had been in the upper class for so many years. She knew some brands which were absolutely expensive. Many of them were limited editions. Even if they were rich, they might not be able to sell them!

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