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   Chapter 527 After Swelling Up

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Mr. Lakin didn't want to see Nina anymore.

As for Andy... Mr. Lakin would never let him go! Compared with Nina, Andy was more hateful, more powerful and powerful.

As far as he knew about Andy, that person would definitely try to discuss responsibility.

Mr. Lakin would never let him succeed!

Therefore, Mr. Lakin also began to collect evidence. After all, he was a party, and no one knew better than him about the situation at the time of the incident and the people involved. There were always some things that ordinary people couldn't find out.

As for the shares that had been transferred to his name by Nina, it was also a problem.

Mr. Lin, everything was pressed together. Mr. Lakin was exhausted! He also needed to concentrate on dealing with those things. If he delayed for too long, he would become a disaster.

He wouldn't make the second mistake.

Mr. Lakin's eyes fell on Ray. This child really looked like his father, who was so steady at such a young age.

"Ray, do you want to help great grandfather?" It was so easy for him to blurt out this sentence. Mr. Lakin was also stunned for a moment, and soon reacted. He was more sure of this idea.

Actually, Mr. Lakin had this idea in the beginning.

But now, it was not a big deal to say it out in front of everyone.

Ray raised his eyes and stared at his great grandfather thoughtfully. He tilted his head slightly and frowned. It could be seen that he was thinking seriously.

Soon, Ray made the decision.

His little head nodded heavily, "Great grandfather, I am willing to hlep."

He had thought about it, so his answer was serious.

Not to be outdone, Rani said, "So do I, please let me help you, great grandfather."

Mr. Lakin smiled. What else could be happier than filial piety? Two soft and cute children were sitting on the knees in front of him. What kind of difficulties could not be overcome? All of a sudden, Mr. Lakin regained his composure. He had to watch Ray and Rani grow up and carry forward the Lan Clan and the Lan Group's enterprise

Mr. Lakin looked at Marvin with burning eyes, and the latter nodded slightly to him.

Yes, both Ray and Rani would not change their surnames. They were members of the Lan Clan.

The Lan Clan wouldn't fall down like this, and there wouldn't be no one to take over it. Mr. Lakin was no longer alone and helpless. He had a powerful grandson in law, a well behaved granddaughter, and two intelligent great- grandsons. What else could he not be satisfied with? What else could he feel depressed about?

Mr. Lakin touched Rani's cheek lovingly and said with a smile, "Okay, okay. Rani, please help me. Rani is the most obedient girl in the world."

Rani said with a smile.

For a moment, the atmosphere was very harmonious.

Only Mr. Ceng and Mr. David were shocked and looked at each other. From the other's expression, they were sure that their ears were right. Did Mr. Lakin want to train great-grandson?


ghts and freedom. In a word, she could do whatever she wanted.

She could do whatever she wanted.

On this day, Jill vividly expressed at her own will.

On this day, everyone in the Lan Clan didn't stop.

Holding the shelf of "the empress", Jill told them to change here and there!

In the future, their status in this family would be greatly different, and some things would naturally change. The first thing that needed to be planned was the master bedroom.

No master was sitting in the guest room, right?

In Jill's mind, the room she and her daughter had lived for more than ten years immediately became a guest room. She didn't know how she had lived in the past ten years.

The first target of Jill was Mr. Lakin's room.

At first, she was stopped by Butler Liu. It was hard for ordinary people to imagine how powerful Mr. Lakin was in the Lan Clan. Even if he was not at home now, no one could use his room.

Butler Liu stepped forward immediately. He had already offended Nina, so he was not afraid of offending Jill.

Butler Liu acted like a stepmother. No, it was stepfather's look. He stood in front of Jill expressionlessly.

"This is Mr. Lakin's room. Jill, you'd better not go in." Butler Liu called Jill instead of Mrs. Jill. It could be seen that this man was very decisive.

Jill cast a fierce glance at Butler Liu. What he called her happened to step into the mine area. "Butler Liu, it is said that you know what's best for you. You are just butler. Don't you understand this point?"

"I don't understand." Butler Liu stepped forward and said stiffly. "I only know that this is Mr. Lakin's room. Miss Lancy once told me that no one is allowed to enter here without permission. "

Jill was angry. She didn't realize that the old butler was a stinky and hard stone in the toilet before. 'Don't you even know this?'

Or was it because he was too loyal to Mr. Lakin and Lancy?

Thinking of this possibility, Jill was in a bad mood.

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