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   Chapter 525 The Real Murderer

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Looking at the stubborn Nina, Lakin laughed and said, "I should have known it. How can a person like you admit your mistake? In the eyes of people like you, you won't do anything even if everyone is wrong in the world Good, very good. I didn't see you wrong! "

These words were really frightening.

Anyone with a discerning eye would know that what Mr. Lakin said was the opposite, right? It must be the opposite, right?

"It's a pity that I let you down." The voice of Lakin became erratic, which contained coldness. "I can guarantee that my Lancy will live a longer and better life than you."

Biting her lower lip and clenching her fists, Nina had an ominous premonition.

What did he mean?

When Lakin moved the wheelchair, he gradually moved aside. It turned out that there was another person standing behind him.

Because the sudden appearance of Mr. Lakin caught everyone by surprise. The fact he disclosed made everyone unable to pay attention to anything else.

Several policemen came in. Apparently, they heard clearly what Nina said. The leader of the policemen was holding a recorder pen in his hand.

The arrival of the police pushed the whole thing to the climax.

The police uniform made Nina's eyes red. It was not until then that she realized what she had said under the trend of anger and resentment! She actually admitted that she had kidnapped Lakin and Lancy and wanted to kill Lancy

"How can you do this to me! How can you do this to me! " Nina shouted at Lakin angrily. She didn't expect that he would call the police. He cooperated with the police to set her up and led her to admit those things! How could he, how could he!

Noticing that there was something wrong with Nina, the three policemen separated her in a hurry.

When Lakin looked up, it was dark inside. "What consequences should you bear for the cause you planted! Nina, why do you think I won't call the police? I have told you from the beginning that you are not my granddaughter. You are not. "

"Miss Nina, the police suspect that you have something to do with a kidnapping case. Please come with us." The policeman said in a righteous tone.

However, as a policeman, he still had some professional ethics. For example, before the victim is convicted, we should call him a criminal suspect, not a criminal.

Even now, things were very clear.

Two policemen held Nina. Nina was completely panicked. She struggled hard, but was suppressed by the police. "Grandpa, you can't do this to me. Help me, please!"

Nina tried her best to grasp something, but in the end, she could only watch the old man sitting in a wheelchair.

She didn't want to go to jail. She didn't want to go to jail. She didn't want to

"Grandpa, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Please forgive me this time, just once! I promise I won't compete with her for anything fro

iously, Andy had forgotten that a criminal suspect could be regarded as a witness of stain under certain circumstances.

Before Andy could finish his words, Nina interrupted him.

Mr. Lakin pointed at Andy, which gave Nina hope.

Yes, yes, Andy was the one who planned all this. He was the one who planned all this. She was innocent, really innocent

Once again, Nina pounced on Mr. Andy and said firmly, "Mr. Andy, help me, help me. You asked me to do everything. I was deceived by you. Tell them that it's not my fault. I was forced by you. "

"I'm innocent. Don't arrest me. Arrest him!" Nina pulled the policeman's sleeve and pointed at Andy.

Mr. Andy's face turned livid. Oh, no, livid was not enough to describe his face.

The prepared plan was of no use, because Nina had sold him out in minutes! And poured all the black water on his head.

That was to say, he was not afraid of a god like opponent, but a pig like teammate.

Nina was a pig teammate, which insulted pig!

Nina's behavior completely irritated Mr. Andy. What did she mean by saying that it was all his orders? What did she mean by "arrest him"? Did he do everything?

"Nina, don't forget that you used an excuse to lure Lancy out and knocked her head. The way to torture them is your free play, Nina. " Andy was not to be outdone.

The two of them had quarreled with each other.

Those words were harsh to hear.

The details of the kidnapping were so detailed that all those despicable and dark thoughts could not be hidden.

The cover was torn apart by themselves.

Lakin rubbed between his eyebrows. He was tired of it. Looking at the scene of dog biting, he didn't have much pleasure of revenge! Of course, there was nothing to be sad about.

Lakin just felt a little annoyed with these two people.

What is the saying? The dog bit the dog.

The two of them bit each other more than a little.

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