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   Chapter 522 No Evidence

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The board members had already been suspicious, but they were finally fooled by the report. But now, according to what Marvin said, there seemed to be something hidden?

For a moment, the meeting room was in an uproar.

At that moment, Nina felt that her heart really stopped beating.

A real stop.

When her eyes inadvertently met Marvin's cold but aggressive eyes, Nina was really flustered.

Marvin What on earth did he know?

Nina was scared from the bottom of her heart! After that incident, Lancy was saved. Except for the first few conflicts, Nina had never mentioned that incident again.

Nina really forgot that Lancy knew it.

Maybe it was because she subconsciously forgot that thing.

Or, at that press conference, it was such a good opportunity that Lancy could take advantage of it to send her to eighteen hell! But she didn't do that.

In Nina's opinion, it was a kind of information, a sign that Lancy had given up on revealing the truth.

At the same time, there was another message that Grandpa might be dead. Lancy didn't have enough evidence, so she had to keep it in her heart.

Nina took it for granted. So this time, she took out the share certificate without hesitation and transferred the shares to her as soon as possible.

She was taken aback by the arrival of Marvin.

She had thought that his objection and pressure on the board of directors were the worst situation. But to her surprise, Marvin said.. All of a sudden, Nina realized that Marvin was the one beside Lancy's pillow. Lancy was in a life and death situation. Had she, had she told the biggest secret of that matter to Marvin?

The more Nina thought about it, the more she believed that Marvin must have known something.

'oh my God! I'm so screwed!'

No, no, no! Calm down! Calm down! If they didn't have evidence, they couldn't do anything to her!

What's more, Mr. Andy is here. I will be fine. I will be fine.

Although it had nothing to do with Andy's presence.

Perhaps, Nina subconsciously believed that Mr. Andy was the one to blame. Mr. Andy's power was not simple. As long as he was here, he would never let anything happen to her.

Besides, if Marvin had evidence, he wouldn't have been sitting here.

"What nonsense are you talking about, Marvin?" Nina regained her confidence. "If you continue to incite others, I will sue you for slander!"

"My grandfather left his shares to me. The court has issued a professional certificate. These are facts! No matter how glib you are, you can't change it. " The more Nina said, the more excited she became. It seemed that only in this way could she prove her legal rights and status.

Raising his eyebrows, Marvin asked, "are you so excited because you feel guilty?"

"Marvin! You've gone too far! " Nina screamed.

Nina's gaffe completely aroused their suspicion.

Was Nina

accept it.

'forget it. We've fought for a lifetime, and one foot has stepped into the coffin. It's time to rest.'.

Children and grandchildren were all ambitious, which was much better than that old man Latin and Lapin finally got comfort from this. Well, for the sake of Lakin's survival, let it go.

Anyway, with the old man's help, there was one good thing.

At least, he would choose a qualified successor.

At least, the Lan Group and the Lan Clan wouldn't fall into the hands of others.

Yes, it was Lakin who appeared here.

Mr. Lakin survived the disaster.

When Mr. Lakin was rescued, he was seriously injured and almost couldn't be rescued for several times. Fortunately, during the past half a year in the sanatorium, he was much better.

Originally, Lancy had planned to hide what had happened outside and what Nina had done from her grandfather. However, things went out of control in the end. Mr. Lakin finally got the news on TV.

Lakin didn't get angry. He really didn't have any feelings for his granddaughter, Nina.

But he couldn't watch her take away the Lan Group and the Lan Clan in such a despicable way.

Lakin wanted to go out as soon as he got the news, but his physical condition didn't allow him to do so.

After resting for a while, he happened to get some news from his grandson-in-law, which led to today's scene.

At such a time and on such an occasion, Lakin was really satisfied. While he was recuperating, he had thought about how to come back.

He must make these two people pay the price!

Lakin would never forget what Lancy had suffered that day. He would never forget the face of Nina and Andy.

He sat on the wheelchair and looked at the two people silently.

Are you afraid? Fear? Are you feeling guilty?

Lakin sneered. In his turbid eyes, there were only the shadows of Nina and Andy, and everything that had happened that day.

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