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   Chapter 521 Attended The Party On Behalf Of His Wife

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Marvin didn't even cast a glance at her. He walked straight to Girt. The directors had a tacit understanding and immediately made way for him.

The members of the board almost cheered the moment Marvin appeared. Last second, they doubted if they was wrong this time, and the next second, they even forgot what doubt was.

Seeing that he turned a deaf ear to her, Nina raised her voice and said, "Mr. Ceng, Mr. David, you said it yourself. Only those who hold the shares of the company are qualified to stand here and attend the meeting! What about him? You just stand by and do nothing? "

Mr. Ceng was expressionless and looked straight at Andy. Who started it first?

David, Latin and the others all had the same expression.

Nina was stunned and almost choked to death by her words!

After a long time, she stuttered and explained, "Mr. Andy is our future partner, of course he has the right to sit here."

"Future?" Marvin sniffed and savored the three words playfully. "My wife is a shareholder of the Lan Group. She hasn't recovered from her serious illness and can't attend the meeting for the time being. What's wrong with me attending the party on behalf of my wife? Ah, my identity is not a future husband, nor a former husband. But now. "

Girt's eyebrows twitched. Who said that the BOSS Lu was cold and indifferent?

No one could defeat him in terms of sarcasm!

Nina blushed and stood there. Her limbs were stiff. She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Wade said "Miss Lancy Oh, no, it was Mrs. Lancy's special situation. Everyone could understand. It..

It's natural for Mr. Marvin to exercise his power on behalf of Mrs. Lancy. Lawyer Spencer, what do you think? "

Lawyer Spencer pretended not to notice the threat in Nina's eyes and nodded.

He was not the only lawyer present. If he said anything wrong in front of the public, would he want his career?

In fact, Lawyer Spencer regretted taking the case.

It was a foregone conclusion that Marvin would take part in the meeting. Nina could do nothing but watch Mr. Ceng whispering in his ear. It was obvious that he was talking about the matters related to the meeting and the explanation of which step was going on.

"Miss Nina, do you want to take over the position of chairman?" asked Marvin in a condescending manner

Nina straightened her neck and tried to calm herself down. "Yes."

This sound was definitely squeezed out of the gap between her teeth.

Marvin burst into laughter, but everyone present could see that there was no smile in his eyes, but only endless ice. "Miss Nina, you are so forgetful! I thought I made it clear at the press conference. "

"What?" Nina's hands and feet were cold, and the blood all over her body was flowing back.

His sexy thin lips slightly opened, which pus

Write down your opinions on Miss Nina's proposal, and let Mr. Girt record and announce the final result." Mr. Ceng's decision was so quick and forthright.

Everyone quietly wrote their choices on the white paper and threw them into the mailbox.

Girt didn't spend much time on the statistics, and the result was soon recorded. Lawyer Spencer, who was brought by Nina, was supervising the whole process. Only he could see the content on every piece of paper at the first time.

Spencer was shocked, no, to be more accurate, shocked.

He had guessed the result, but he had never expected that it would be like this.

"There are 35 members of the board of directors in total. The number of people who agree to this proposal is one, and the number of people who disagree to this proposal is - thirty-four." In other words, except for Nina herself, all the Directors voted against it.

Of course, Mr. Andy didn't have the right to vote.

However, Marvin was different. He attended the meeting on behalf of his wife, so he had the right to vote.

Such a tragic result made Nina want to kill!

She lost. From the moment Marvin appeared, she had a faint feeling that she would lose. But she didn't expect that she would lose so miserably!

No one was on her side.

The vote she voted herself had become a divine weapon of humiliation. It was better not to vote!

Nina's face was as pale as death, but this was not the end

"I'm the biggest shareholder. You, you can't do this to me!" Nina kept repeating these words with a guilty conscience.

Squinting his cold eyes, Marvin said, "I'm not sure whether you are the biggest shareholder or not!"

Marvin's voice seemed to be far away, but it was like a huge stone thrown into the lake, splashing water all over the room!

"Mr. Marvin, what do you mean?"

"What do you mean?."

"Mr. Marvin, do you know anything?"

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