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   Chapter 520 The Arrival Of The Aid

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"Indeed, the Lan Clan and the Lu Clan are related by marriage. If Miss Lancy is fine, we don't have to worry about the actions of the Wilson Group. Everyone knows the relationship between Mr. Marvin and Lancy. To put it bluntly, the Wilson Group is a big tree behind our Lan Group! Therefore, no matter what happens to the company, the overall situation will not be in a mess. " Mr. David took a sip of tea. He had too much to say. He was thirsty.

He glanced at Nina on purpose. He wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought, as if he was in a dilemma. "But Lancy is seriously ill and her life is uncertain. In this case, the relationship between the two families is hard to say."

Latin added. As the leader of the Lan Clan, it was appropriate for him to analyze the relationship between the two clans. "The rumors outside must have been known by everyone. Many people are trying to renew the contract for the Wilson Group. If that was the case, the marriage relationship between the Lu clan and the Lan clan would be hard to say. At that time, if the Wilson Group takes action against the Lan Group, I'm afraid that they won't be kind at all. "

In a word, everyone could get the promotion except Nina.

The relationship between the two families was rather dangerous at present. If Nina really got the position, the risk would be as high as eighty percent!

Nina's body was as cold as ice. Her previous complacency had already been shattered into pieces.

Do you know what is the most ironic thing?

Because Lancy was seriously ill, Nina had the chance.

However, her illness prevented Nina from ascending the throne.

Perhaps, this was the result.

But what should she do? Nina gave a sinister smile. She had a backup plan! These people were doomed to be disappointed.

"Have you heard of the Jiang Clan in Alaska?" Nina suddenly proposed a surname, Jiang Clan. "The strength of the Wilson Group can't be underestimated. But the Lu Clan was a big family after all. How could they be so selfish just for a little grudge? Besides, it's just your imagination. You can't do it. " Without taking a breath, Nina continued, "just as Mr. David said, if the marriage between the two families is really broken up, then the Lu Clan will have no reason to make trouble for us."

Marvin stood up for Lancy. If Lancy was really dead, what else could he do?

Nina thought maliciously. She seemed to have forgotten that there was a word in the world called "vent your anger".

"Why are you so worried about something that hasn't happened! The Lan Group didn't rely on the Wilson Group to achieve what we are today. Therefore, I don't think Mr. David's worries will work. " Nina said firmly. "Even if the Lan Group will be affected by this, I believe that it will never shake the foundation of the company."

One of the directors said, "Nina, do you mean that we don't need

room was opened from the outside. "Or, the Jiang Group doesn't take the Wilson Group seriously anymore? Don't you want to cooperate with the Wilson Group? "

The man was walking against the light like a God, followed by several people in dark suits. Obviously, they were well-trained.

"Mr. Marvin." When Latin, Lapin, Mr. Ceng and Mr. David saw the man, they were finally relieved.

The arrival of Andy disrupted the plan of Mr. Ceng and the others.

With the help of Andy, Nina retorted all their doubts! To be honest, they were already exhausted.

At this moment, some people breathed a sigh of relief, while others were almost scared to fly.

Yes, it was Nina who was almost scared to fly away.

Although Nina was reasonable and honest when she mentioned the Wilson Group just now, it seemed that she was not afraid of it at all. That was because she dared to talk nonsense without the presence of the person involved!

Now, the power holder of the Wilson Group, as well as the chairman and President of the Wilson group, Marvin suddenly appeared. Nina was almost scared to death at the first time!

Nina was afraid of Marvin. She had been afraid of him since the beginning.

Every time she saw this man, she would be scared!

Especially now, Nina acted against the wind. She had only said those words, but she didn't expect that Marvin would come so soon!

"Marvin, why are you here?" Nina was a little hysterical. Apparently, she understood what this man meant! For her, the danger was raised to the highest level.

It was normal for people to lose their countenance when they encountered people and things that threatened them.

"This is the territory of the Lan Group, not the Lu Clan's. You are not welcome here, and you have no right to stand here. Please leave now! " Nina tried her best to control her tremble. She just hoped that the man, Marvin, would disappear from her sight immediately.

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