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   Chapter 519 Different Views

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However, no matter how much they wanted to delay, Nina was absolutely patient. At the worst, the meeting would last for more than ten hours. She would just accompany them. They wouldn't delay it until tomorrow.

Latin and the others were a little anxious. Why hadn't Wilson Group sent someone over yet?

"Judging from the number of shares that Nina owns, you are indeed qualified to make such a request." Mr. Girt stressed on the word "application". "Indeed, the company's current situation is not very optimistic. We do need a leader. Everyone can vote after discussion. "

The members of the board of directors whispered and discussed with each other.

Nina sat upright and smoothed her soft hair. She knew the point.

"I object." Wade was the first one to stand out. He had been sprayed by Nina once last time. As long as there were more lice, he wouldn't feel itchy. Perhaps that was how he felt.

Mr. Ceng blinked his eyes, clenched his fists and coughed. Then he wrote down the first objection. "Please tell me your reason."

Nina was about to question, but was interrupted by Mr. Ceng.

"The executive chairman of the company is the person who makes decisions in the company and represents the image of our company in public." Said Wade unhurriedly. The hateful look in Nina's eyes didn't hurt him at all? "A qualified leader is extremely important for a company. The public usually equates the image of the spokesperson with that of the company."

"Let me make it clear in advance. What I'm going to say next is not against Miss Nina, but to tell the truth." Wade waved his hand, and the accompanying Secretary presented the information he had prepared before.

Nina was not the only one who was well prepared.

What Wade had prepared was the news about Nina in the past few months.

It was not until then that she realized that [娜娜] had really become a big shot! In the most popular period, she had been on the headlines of all the major newspapers.

Not to mention that, Wade had even collected the comments of the Internet friends. There were ten whole pages, and the contents could be described as wonderful.

Nina's face was blue and purple, just like the information she had brought, what Wade had prepared was for everyone to pass on to each other.

Those sharp reports and embarrassing remarks made Nina feel that she had been skinned again.

'How dare this man!'

Nina was so angry that her whole body was trembling. She looked at Wade in disbelief. Oh, by the way, as usual, she should call Wade uncle.

But now, even if Nina died, she would not call him like that!

'is Wade going to oppose me?'

Up to now, Nina still didn't dare to read the news and comments on the Internet. From the way the reporters chased after her, she knew what was going on outside.

It must be as unpleasant as it was.

Therefore, Nina didn't dare to listen or look.

Now, those things had been collected by Wade and thrown in front of her. She had to look at them even if she didn't want

Compared with most directors, she knew more about the daily operation process of the company.

"I object, too." Yamy didn't rush to stand in the line. She preferred to look at the interests. "Miss [娜娜] hasn't remembered one thing. Mr. Lakin has also provided information about it."

An ominous premonition enveloped [娜娜].

Seeing Nina like this, Yamy shook her head. No wonder Mr. David didn't like her. "At the press conference, Mr. Marvin of the Wilson group declared publicly that he would never accept Nina as the chairman of the Lan Group. You should know the company's current situation, Nina. It's not a wise choice to offend the Wilson group. "

"Miss Yamy is right. We have to think about the Wilson group."

"When Mr. Lakin was there, perhaps the Wilson group wouldn't take it seriously. But now, Mr. Lakin didn't... No one knows where she is. It's hard to say whether the Lu clan will take it seriously. "

"But, after all, the Lan Clan and the Lu Clan are related by marriage. Miss Lancy is still here!"

"Shut up!"

Someone said, and the whispering people immediately stopped.

In view of Lancy's enmity with this Nina and her awkward position, it was indeed not appropriate to mention it at this time. Judging from that man's expression, they guessed that she might want to bite them to death?

Everyone was quiet. They seemed to have a tacit understanding.

However, someone had to say something.

"Miss Nina and Mrs. Lancy have different identities. It will be a little embarrassing if we spread them out." As for who was more embarrassed, it was self-evident. "But it's related to the selection of the chairman. I don't have time to care about something. I hope Miss Nina can understand." Even Mr. David himself was scared!

Why do you point out the name to make her understand?

After all, Mr. David's words made sense in an instant, and almost everyone understood.

Nina was so angry that her teeth were trembling. She closed her eyes and sure enough, she began again.

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