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   Chapter 518 The Beginning Of The Battle

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Nina didn't sleep well last night. It was finally dawn.

She got up early to choose clothes and accessories. How to wear them to show her aura, and how to match them to make herself look at the best state!

By the way, at 8 o'clock in the morning, she made an appointment with a beauty and skin care at home.

Early in the morning, the servants of the Lan Clan were ordered to go around.

The Butler Liu looked coldly at Nina's tossing and turning. He was unmoved by the fact that Nina was the master of this house from tomorrow on.

By the way, Butler Liu kept the names of the servants who tried to curry favor with Nina in his mind. After the matter was over, the first thing he would do was to clean all these fence sitters!

No one was left!

"Butler Liu, if you don't have anything else to do, can you help me find a pair of shoes in the cloakroom?" Nina didn't like him for a long time. After today, she would fire him directly!

The Butler Liu took a look at Nina and went upstairs to look for the shoes he didn't know what they looked like.

He didn't hurry because he knew that Nina was making things difficult for him.

Many people in the Lan Clan were secretly talking about Butler Liu's unwillingness. Miss Nina would soon be the master of the Lan Clan. He not only didn't suck up to her, but also acted like that. He must be in big trouble!

Butler Liu spit on this. He didn't know who was unlucky!

Butler Liu always remembered one thing, that was, the safety of Mr. Lakin. Therefore, he didn't believe that Nina would succeed.

As for Nina's arrogance these days, Butler Liu didn't take it seriously at all. He firmly believed that Lancy and Mr. Lakin would make a big deal.

Congratulations! Lancy has successfully recovered an idiot fan.

Since he surrendered to Lancy and saw Lancy's actions, Butler Liu had never wavered.

To be honest, Nina's means were not as good as 1/1000 of Lancy's. Besides, how could Lancy be defeated? Isn't Marvin still alive?

No matter what Butler Liu thought, he didn't think that Nina would win.

It was strange that even Butler Liu could think of it, but Nina couldn't. Perhaps, a temporary success could really make a person float in the air.

The thoughts of a housekeeper couldn't shake Nina's determination.

Today was the time to reap.

At ten o'clock, [娜娜] appeared at the meeting and arranged a good seat for her, which was also the exclusive seat for [兰老爷子].

After all, [娜娜] was the biggest shareholder of the LAN's group now?

No one would object to this.

It was obvious that [娜娜] was in a high position, and then she smiled with satisfaction. Because before she arrived, all the other members of the board of directors had arrived.

Compared with the chaos last time, this time was undoubtedly orderly and conscious.

All signs showed that he was about to succeed.

That was exactly what [娜娜] thought. In her eyes, the cooperation of the

eart, and there were too many things revealed from her window.

It was enough to let the people sitting there understand.

The complacency in her eyes could not deceive anyone?

Nina's not angry, do not care, it is not a kind of contempt for them all. They were all smart people. What Nina was playing now was all their leftovers.

Nina's arrogant manner made everyone more unhappy.

Some of the directors who had been a little hesitant now stood on the other side without looking back.

What the elders said was right. So what if the one who owned more shares was the one who had the final say? Then what should the board of directors do?

Even so, there must be someone on the board.

With shares and connections, it would be frightening.

Everyone knew what was going on with Nina, and no one was on her side at all. As the saying goes, "enemies are outnumbered. What's the use of holding more shares?"

Just as Mr. David said, even if she got the position, as long as everyone didn't sell their shares, the company's dividend would not be less.

'it depends on her expression. It must a big joke?'

At the worst, they could raise flowers at home, hug their great grandson and get a dividend.

The pros and cons of the matter were clear in front of everyone. Everyone knew what to choose! What's more, it was still uncertain whether she could go up or down!

"Well, Nina wants to take over the position of executive chairman, which is also the main topic of today's meeting." Mr. Ceng looked as usual. Anyway, things had returned to the starting point.

It's funny that people already know it in their hearts, but they have a tacit understanding on the face of it. It's right to go around with Nina.

Forty minutes had passed, and someone finally raised this question.

Touching the spot between her eyebrows, Nina choked with blood. She finally understood what an old fox was.

These old foxes were too difficult to deal with.

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