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   Chapter 514 The Alarm Bell Rang

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9782

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"Thank you, Joseph!" Marvin was never a bashful person, and he never liked to talk about those too sweet words! But this time, Marvin really showed his gratitude to Marvin as how important Lancy was to him "If it weren't for you..."

Joseph raised his hand and said, "stop! Stop! The path of warmth is not suitable for you. Ruthlessness is your nature. "

Hearing that, Marvin smiled silently. The two of them clinked their fists, and they no longer entangled with this question.

"Next, there will be a tough battle. You have to be mentally prepared." Joseph meant Lancy's reaction, he said, "judging from her first reaction, it will be very hard."

The words "very hard" were not enough to cover all.

"I know," said Marvin, touching Lancy's forehead

The sigh revealed the hidden thoughts of Marvin.

After the thrilling night and Marvin's waking up, Sherry thought everything was fine. But he didn't know that the girl's condition was not stable at all.

Even Leona fell ill. It was said that her condition was the same as Lancy's.

This seemed to prove the fact that Lancy's disease could really be infected.

Of course, this was an outsider's idea, but Sherry didn't think so! Thinking about it, in the past few days, she, Marvin and Dr. Joseph had been taking care of Lancy all the time. She hadn't seen them infected, had they?

On the other hand, Marvin didn't say anything more. He just said that Leona was Lancy's good friend and she was not in good health. Seeing that Lancy was irritated, she also fell ill.

It was reasonable that Sherry looked up at Leona.

Although they hadn't made friends yet, for this point, Sherry thought that Leona was a good girl. She knew that Lancy was not in a good condition and others were likely to be infected. But she insisted on coming to see her regardless of her own health. As a result, she fell ill.

Since they left the Lu mansion and came to the villa for temporary shelter, the world seemed to be quiet.

The people who used to hang around with you were gone, and the people who flattered you were also gone.

Only Mr. Sidney and Lewis called to ask about it every day. As for others, she couldn't even see a person.

Therefore, it was easy for people to see the nature of people around them when they were in adversity.

For this reason, Leona was undoubtedly a good girl.

It also proved that Marvin had always been a man of principle! Unless it was necessary, he would not easily drag his family into the whirlpool of chaos.

"Madam, the soup in the pot must be ready. Have a try." Maria, who was in charge of three meals a day, wiped her hands. Every time it was time for dinner, she inexplicably felt nervous!

Especially after that night, she would not have worked there if she hadn't been worried that she would offend Mr. Sidney and her salary.

She was just an ordinary person, an ordinary servant. There was really nothing s

t that they were in a bad condition!

Up to no good? The arranged murder? well-prepared?

Then who could tell them what these three little kids meant?

123, 321, no more! The people of the two teams stared at each other. There were only three people in one team, and a group of people behind the other. The atmosphere was not nervous at all. It was a little funny!

If they had changed the time and place, they would have laughed.

The question was, should they laugh now? Or they don't know whether to cry or to laugh?

"A group of idiots!" One of the three kids said in a soft voice. His tone and expression were full of disgust.

However, it made people unable to be angry.

"Idiot can't protect daddy and Mommy."

The three children's clothes were the same, which was the camouflage clothing, but the small version. The three of them were all wearing hats, covering most of their faces.

The boy who spoke was standing in the middle.

He pursed his lips and grabbed the brim of his hat to change the direction, perhaps because he didn't want the brim of his hat to cover his sight. Then people could see his pink face, which was a little dirty.

It was a little girl!

They were all stunned. The little girl put her hands on her slim waist and pointed this and that with her fair fingertips! "Stupid, stupid, stupid. Don't you want to question us at this time?"

So, the little girl was encouraging others to torture her?

Allen touched his nose and thought, 'yes, I should catch them and torture them at this time!'! But Captain Chen looked at the kids in front of him innocently. How could he do that? Tell me!

Even if they were five or six years older, they could definitely take action. But now The security guards hesitated. They didn't want to arrest the three children. The appearance of the three children was too strange. The security guards looked around and wondered how to do it? What did they do first?

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