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   Chapter 513 A Big Game Of Chess

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They just secretly investigated everything related to the chip, and everything was carried out in an orderly way. However, because the "S Group" was hidden too deep, they could not get the effective information in a short time.

Who would have thought that this incident had something to do with the chip!

"I just thought of it when I heard you talking." It was because of the words of Marvin and Joseph were heard by Leona that Leona could connect the whole thing and every detail. "I think you know the rumors about the chip. It is said that it can control people's mind."

"In fact, not only the outside world, but also people in our group are suspicious. No matter how advanced the technology was, it was impossible to control people's mind. But in another way, people will believe it. " After all, the secret lab in the organization really exist.

Maybe it was exaggerating, but it was impossible to say that it was completely useless.

After all, it did cost a lot of money and energy to do that. It was hard to guess its purpose.

It seemed that something occurred to Leona, and her eyes were full of regret, guilt and apology. "Lancy's chip was implanted by me. It was the time she was kidnapped."

All of a sudden, the look in Marvin's eyes changed into a sharp sword, which swept straight at Leona.

Leona's body froze. Then she smiled bitterly and said, "at that time, I really wanted her to regain her memory. In order to find out the truth of that year, I was really crazy! The reason why I came back to Alaska is that I followed Boliy's instructions and arrangement. She gave me the chip. She told me that Lancy would regain her memory with it. "

Without waiting for others' reproach, Leona began to blame herself, "I was really crazy at that time. When I found that she really didn't remember me at all, I was really crazy! I tried every means to provoke her, stimulate her, but I failed again and again. "

"In the end, I really have no choice. At last, the only thing I can do is to plant the chip into her body. " After Leona finished her words in one breath, she felt that she was half died.

She looked at her hands in a daze. She didn't expect that she would hurt her only good friend in the end.

Marvin looked at her coldly. He didn't care about Leona's guilt and self-accusation. Some things could not be forgiven in a few words.

Countless apologies couldn't make up for what she had done.

Even if she was deceived.

Marvin was never a kind man.

"Get to the point." Marvin said coldly. He didn't want to hear it anymore. If he continued to listen, he wouldn't control himself.

Especially, Lancy was in such a bad situation now.

Leona pursed her lips and didn't mind Marvin's attitude. She deserved it. "Until I was caught by Boliy."

"I've been wondering where the magic of that chip is? If it could really help people regain the

trolling the heart".

The victim didn't know that he had been addicted with drug when he was unconscious. He didn't know how he died, let alone getting rid of it.

"We need to do the surgery right now and take out the things in their bodies." Joseph had roughly calculated the time and found that there should still be 2/3 dose left. Leona was a little better than Lancy, 1/4, so her symptoms were not very obvious. "

Joseph sighed as he spoke. He didn't want to talk to Marvin in such a tone. "Fortunately, we found it early. If we find it later, the consequences will be unimaginable. "

Just like the high school students abroad who pursued to stimulate the drug, it did not cause much damage to the body, not to an irreparable extent.

"Get ready for the surgery right now." Marvin made a prompt decision. There were some things that were not in a hurry, and the main and secondary differences were clear.

In other words, Marvin had been stimulated too much recently, and the anger in his chest had accumulated a lot, but he was more and more restrained and calm on the surface.

There was an aura called accumulation.

There was a way to settle accounts. Time was chosen after autumn.

Everyone was clear that if they didn't take it out, who knew what the victim would look like in the end? Even if she had quit for the time being, the root was still there. How could it not be "fresh"?

The surgery was put on the agenda.

The operation seemed simple, but it was actually very complicated.

After all, the chip had been in the bodies of the two for a period of time. The texture must not be the same as it was at the beginning. If he was not careful enough, it would all fall into his body.

Therefore, the operation could only be performed by Joseph himself.

If it was anyone else, the probability of failure would far exceed the probability of success.

Marvin couldn't take such a risk!

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