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   Chapter 512 What Is Missing

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For the first time, Lancy was too anxious.

However, for the second and third times, if it weren't for Marvin's grip, the bowl would have been almost overturned.

Hearing that, Marvin was both surprised and shocked.

Joseph also saw it. Regardless of arousing suspicion, he rushed up at once.

They all saw it clearly.

Lancy's hands were trembling uncontrollably!

Lancy was also frightened. Was that trembling hand hers? She controlled it with the other hand subconsciously

But something horrible happened.

There was no need for the people around to remind her. Lancy had found it herself, no, she had seen it. Lancy saw it clearly and truly. Her hands were shaking. It wasn't that slight, but that her eyes could see it all.

Her hands overlapped. It was as if she had found a large army, let alone stopping them. They were trembling happily! The scene was so beautiful, but no one could laugh now.

Lancy was shocked. She looked at her hands in a daze. Even when she took the gun for the first time, she didn't tremble like this. What happened?

Lancy looked at Marvin foolishly.

After thinking for a while, Marvin gently held her hand. Such a gentle force caused invisible pressure on her hands, which trembled more fiercely.

Was this also the sequela of her coma?

No matter how concerned Marvin was, he would be in a mess. He also sensed that something was wrong!

"Marvin, my hands... Powerless... " Lancy's voice was soft and nasal. With that stupid hair, she opened her eyes wide and looked at Marvin.

Lancy shook her hands excitedly. After a while, she became excited.

The excitement of Lancy made the expressions of Marvin and Joseph very strange. It could be seen how excited she was at the moment.

"…… Lancy, eat something first. " Without any conclusion, Marvin fed Lancy porridge in person.

The man who had shouted that she was very hungry pushed the bowl away with disgust after two bites.


Is it so bad?

That was the first thought of Marvin and Joseph.

Marvin put the porridge into his mouth and asked curiously, "it tastes good?" The aunt invited from home is absolutely better than those from other big restaurants. Even at a general level, it is not hard to swallow, right?

Marvin sent it to her again. Lancy waved her hand and her face suddenly turned pale. She lay on the edge of the bed and began to retch...

Sometimes she was curious, sometimes she was happy, sometimes she said she was hungry, and sometimes she retched. Just like the change of the weather, she was moody.

But it was too moody?

She hadn't eaten much, but she spit out the bitter gall. Lancy's three percent spirit was worn out. She weakly leaned against Marvin's arms.

She was so mean that she couldn't breathe.

When her breath calmed down, Lancy pul

looked at the report again and found that it was definitely not the dose of one or two times!

In particular, Lancy's was much more serious than Leona's.

The dose was more than two times as much as that of Leona.

"It can't be a coincidence! Right now, the problem we have to solve is to help them quit and then find out the reason... " Joseph said slowly. It would be a huge project.

"Reason, reason..." Clenching his fists, Marvin asked, "who on earth is able to do this under my watch? Is it still the one called Boliy? "

Boliy was not that capable. Her two plans were both failed. It could be seen that she was not a formidable opponent.

But who else could it be?

Countless thoughts and suspicions wandered in Marvin's mind, and it seemed that he had demonized his opponent.

At the same time, BOSS's aura was full of vigor, as if he was going to kill a God.

"Maybe, I know..." At this moment, a weak voice came from the corner. It was Leona. Not knowing how much she had heard, Leona struggled to get up and looked at Lancy.

The report showed that Lancy's situation was much worse than that of Leona.

It could be told from the expression and spirit of a person.

After Leona woke up, her condition was indeed twice better than that of Lancy. At least, she could keep her head clear and rational.

Marvin stepped forward. It was not bad that he could still hold on in such a situation. "What do you know?" Since she was also a patient, it was rare for Marvin not to make things difficult for her.

Joseph also stepped forward. He also wanted to hear what Leona said.

Leona touched her ears and said, "it might be a chip..."

The expression on Marvin's face became subtle. "The chip, it's that chip again!" He had doubted it before, but since there was nothing wrong with Lancy and he remembered the past, he didn't take it too seriously.

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