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   Chapter 511 Another Storm

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9497

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Adolf had asked a lot of people, many of whom had been tortured to death by her during the process. At that time, she just felt happy and satisfied.

It was not until today that Adolf realized that life was worse than death!

However, no one knew where the end of all this was.

What welcomed her was the hope of survival, or the fate of death that she could not escape in the end.

By this time, Lancy and Leona had been in a coma for two days.

Although Joseph was called a genius doctor, he could do nothing about it. There was no reason, and the results of the general check-up were all normal. Even if God was reborn, there was no way at all.

It was not Marvin's fault to torture Adolf. It seemed that she was the only one who could say anything for the time being.

But what if Adolf really knew nothing? What should she do?

No one cared about what kind of situation Adolf was in. Since Marvin couldn't get the information he wanted, he had to give up.

Luke was calmly watching the whole process from the boss's inquiry to his action. It was not difficult for him to find that there was something wrong with Marvin.

Under the suffocating air pressure, there are grumpy, cruel, even irrational craziness, ready to move. No one knew when he broke out.

This kind of Marvin was too dangerous.

Luke saw the influence of Mrs. Lancy on his boss again. Until now, he didn't know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing?

Adolf was dying, but he was still nagging. She really didn't know anything! She didn't know why Lancy and Leona were in a coma again. She had told them everything she knew and what she had participated in.

The way Marvin forced Adolf made Adolf doubt if he had really hidden something?

Fortunately, at the last moment, Marvin finally stopped.

Once the iron door was closed again, Adolf felt like he had been reborn. She really thought that she would die at the hands of that man...

In a vague way, Adolf suddenly thought that Boliy had identified Lancy's man, Marvin, as "an ordinary man with money". How could that man be just an ordinary businessman.

If his position was wrong at the beginning and it was outrageous, Adolf was not surprised at all. Perhaps, there was a little bit of resentment, but everyone knew who it was.

Who would have thought that there would be such a big loophole in the intelligence system of Boliy?

She wondered whether Boliy still didn't know about it?

Whether she knew it or not, Adolf couldn't take care of herself. How could she care about others' life or death! It would be better if she didn't know.

These people who were imprisoned outside didn't even make a sound, and Adolf had already given up. Although she betrayed first. But that didn't mean that Adolf didn't complain at all when she realized that she had been given up by Bo

ing it to you. " Regardless of anything else, Marvin focused on solving the problem of food and clothing of Lancy.

Being ignored, Joseph looked a little strange. He stared at Lancy thoughtfully and felt that something was wrong?

It seemed that what Lancy had said was true at first glance. It was because she had slept too much. But what if it had nothing to do with the time she had been in a coma?

After all, Lancy didn't sleep as she thought.

If it was to be said by Joseph, it was not too much to use the word "coma"! In the past few days, Joseph] and Marvin had tried to wake her up, once or two times, almost every hour, but they failed. It was not a coma. What was it?

There must be something strange.

Joseph tried his best to cheer up and gave Lancy a thorough examination while she was still awake.

Soon, [路宇腾] came up with vegetable porridge. Seeing that [兰岚] was still listless, he thought it must be a lie if he said he didn't feel sorry for her. "Joseph, wait for a moment. Let's talk about it when she is full."

Joseph pouted and chuckled. He rubbed his nose and hid aside, thinking he was a mural again.

He didn't know who it was. He had been so anxious to keep an eye on his progress twenty-four hours a day! And now he left him alone? Joseph felt both angry and funny.

He finally understood what a lover was more important than a friend.

Forget it. In his eyes, the worst thing these days was probably Marvin. Joseph also felt lucky that Lancy woke up again at this time. Otherwise, he really didn't know how long Marvin's sanity could last.

Lancy sat cross legged on the bed. When Marvin came over with a bowl, she reached out her hand to the spoon at the first time. God knew that she was really starving.

Lancy couldn't wait to be seen by everyone. Without saying anything, Marvin smiled dotingly and let her do it by herself.


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