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   Chapter 510 Girt comes

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Girt looked around secretly and found some clues from some subtle places! Especially at the gate, he smelled a pungent smell...

When he saw Marvin, Girt smiled with relief. Anyway, it had nothing to do with him. It seemed that Marvin had handled it well.

"Mr. Girt, please have a seat." Of course, Marvin treated him politely.

Girt didn't refuse, "How is Lancy? Have you passed the dangerous period? "

After Lancy and Girt worked together, they got along very casually in private. If one had to use a word to describe the relationship between them, it was the same as friendship.

Girt didn't think there was anything wrong with his care and skillful tone. He cared about her from the bottom of his heart.

But obviously, the BOSS didn't think so.

Squinting his eyes, Marvin asked, "are you familiar with Lancy?"

Girt choked for a while. Are he and Lancy strangers? It is impossible. "Mr. Marvin, you must be kidding. Mrs. Lancy and I are quite familiar with each other. "

"……" Hearing that, Marvin pursed his lips and glanced at Girt. He felt so uncomfortable? Did he do it on purpose?

What a pity! Marvin had told [Girt several times that when Lancy took office and was busy with the company's affairs, Marvin had seen the scene when the two of them worked together.

Now thinking about it, even the BOSS was a little jealous!

"What happened to her?" Anxiety flashed through Girt's eyes.

Marvin looked him up and down indifferently and then looked away. "Her condition is quite stable now."

If it was as stable as he said, would he frown subconsciously?

Yes, the situation was not optimistic.

On that day, after Leona passed out, Lancy also fell into a coma. The two of them seemed to have made a deal before, which surprised Marvin and the others.

What's worse, Joseph couldn't find out the reason.

He thought everything would be fine, but... Thinking of this, Marvin couldn't help but kill the woman in the cellar.

With the current mood of Marvin, it was not difficult for him to guess what was going on with Adolf.

It was already very rare for her to be alive.

In the face of Girt or anyone else, Marvin would not tell the truth.

But that didn't mean that Girt couldn't figure it out. Was Lancy's condition really that bad?

Girt had to worry, "what's wrong with her? We'd better send her to the hospital. There are so many experts in the hospital. She can always... "

Girt was interrupted by Marvin before he could finish his words. "Is that why you are here? If so, you can leave now. "

It seemed that he was really ruthless.

Marvin is really capricious.

"Are you jealous, Marvin?" Isn't it too strong?

The two didn't get along well with each other from the very beginning. How could Girt not feel the man

rt. Although Girt was a lawyer, he was not as good at fighting as Luke.

Of course, it didn't mean that Luke had taken action. It was just that the man stood there, which was a human shaped weapon. No one could pass him and continue to move forward.

The man in front of her was exactly Girt.

Girt tried to calm himself down. He was not angry at all. For the sake of that girl, he forgave them mercilessly.

In the end, Girt left sulkily.

He was very busy and had a lot of things to do. Where was his case? Girt had to comfort the members of the board.

In the end, Girt didn't stick to his original wish, even if he could just take a look at her.

"Boss, he has left." Luke came back soon after seeing Girt off.


"Boss, do you need to investigate this person?" There was a reason why Luke asked this question. Wasn't it a good timing for such a person to suddenly appear here?

After thinking for a while, Marvin glanced at Luke and said, "don't worry. He must have come for the business of the Lan Group. Besides, the address of my private villa is not a secret. Someone could be found out easily.

After all, this was his fixed residence after returning home.

"Follow me to the cellar." In the end, Marvin made his choice.

In fact, he didn't need to deal with Adolf himself. But he didn't expect that something would go wrong in the end. Marvin had to get something out of that woman's mouth.

Marvin rolled up his sleeves. He never minded doing it himself.

The difference was whether he was willing or not.

The suffering Adolf had never thought that there would be a more serious test waiting for her! Unfortunately, she had said what she should and shouldn't say. There was really no need to explain!

Could you let her go? Could he let her go?

This was the real reason why they didn't respond to her.

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