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   Chapter 492 Be Frank With Each Other

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"I'm sorry, I..."

The word "sorry" was still on the tip of her mouth, but was stopped by Marvin's index finger.

"We are a couple, not outsiders. It's just a minor wound. You know that anything will be fine as long as you're okay. " For people like them, it was really nothing.

In this way, Marvin told Lancy that the wound was really not important. It was just like a small cut on her hand when he was cutting fruit, which could scab in a day, not a wound at all.

It seemed that Marvin was still worried about Lancy. After thinking for a while, he finally made a decision. "It's natural for a husband to bleed for his wife."

Hearing that, Lancy was stunned and burst into laughter.

Who taught him these sweet words? Looking at the awkward expression on BOSS Lu's face and the serious tone when he spoke, it could be seen that the person who said this was also very hard, and she was sure he had a psychological struggle before!

Hearing that, Lancy thought that she also felt hard to hear.

"Compared with bleeding, I want to see you cry for me." Lancy held her chin with one hand, and her fingers naughtily danced in his broad palm.

Hearing that, Marvin's thin lips twitched. He squinted at Lancy and thought of his tears...

"There will be no chance."

BOSS Lu said firmly.

Lancy was so happy that she almost couldn't breathe and coughed.

Marvin patted her on the back and said in a stiff and uncomfortable tone as usual, "You just woke up. Don't be too emotional."

It took Lancy a long time to control her laughter.

Strangely enough, she was completely awake and should be fine. However, Lancy still felt that her heartbeat was still high and she was still weak. She hadn't eaten any main food for days, and then she should have a good appetite, but she was not interested in it at all.

Joseph had checked her blood pressure and heartbeat, but there was nothing unusual.

Perhaps, this was the sequela that Joseph had mentioned before.

She would be fine after a while... Both Lancy and Marvin thought so. As the attending doctor, Joseph didn't take it seriously.

However, in case of any emergency, she had to do a routine examination every day in the following days.

"The people over there didn't succeed this time. They may take big actions in the short term." In order not to make her in stitches, Marvin quickly changed the topic.

However, halfway through the sentence, he tried to swallow it back, and then shut up.

Marvin was not sure whether she could understand what he said or not. The version that Joseph told her was the version that he told grandpa and others, so Marvin was not sure.

It should be said that what Lancy had done since she came to her senses made Marvin completely unsure. His guess seemed not to be so accurate.

Lancy was still the same, but her words and deeds showed the unique innocence i

ht seven years ago, the two of them didn't even know who each other was.

When they met seven years later, Lancy showed another side, but not the complete one.

It was a pity that the two people who appreciated each other in many tasks didn't have that memory. Marvin was really satisfied.

The tip of their tongues intertwined for a while, and the two of them let out a satisfied sigh at the same time.

The innocent woman opened her misty eyes, confused and immersed.

When she was about to suffocate, the man took a deep breath. The long kiss ended in reluctance.

Marvin didn't let go of her at the first time. The two of them put their foreheads against each other's foreheads and the tip of their noses against each other. Only [浅浅] breathed, the two of them smiled at each other.

Why did they laugh?

What were they laughing at?

Only Lancy and Marvin knew it.

Since then, there was nothing else that could be alienated between them.

"It's not over yet!" Lancy poked the man's arm with a serious look. "Now, I don't want to stay out of it. Marvin, I'm not a flower raised in the greenhouse. I can't hide behind you forever. "

Marvin tilted his head, his cold eyes reflecting her figure. His expression was obscure, and no one could tell whether he was happy or angry.

Lancy's words, at first glance, absolutely meant to refuse and distance herself from her.

"The higher ups came to me. They won't let me go until they get the result." Lancy said with a nasal voice. When she found back the past memories, many things would be clear. It was obvious that someone had set her up! She remembered that at that time, Leona's attitude towards her not only set her up, but also her friends.

Roxie... A hint of cruelty flashed through Lancy's eyes. Roxie was dead!

Thinking of this, Lancy clenched her fists.

Who on earth was so generous to kill her.

"What happened that year?"

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