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   Chapter 473 Seeing Is Not Believing

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10077

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In another way, the reason why Marvin was so harsh was that he was forced to do so.

He was a man. No man would tolerate other men to have hope and daydreaming for his woman, especially this man was his own brother.

Marvin had endured it for a long time, really long enough.

As a person who knew the truth, Freda felt ashamed and guilty for Myron.

She had told him to stop at the right time and get rid of the unrealistic fantasy as soon as possible. Wasn't it a tragedy for him to do this?

Myron's face turned blue and red. He didn't dare to look up at his brother's eyes. However, even so, there was another voice in his heart, a voice of refutation.

Looking at him coldly, Marvin knew that it was useless again.

Noticing that the atmosphere was too cold, Freda had to try to mediate, "well, brother, what should we do next?"

"Next?" "You just need to keep this secret. As for Freda, Carl look at her. Don't let her behave like last night. She is pregnant. There is no need to worry about it. "

"Brother!" Freda was so anxious that she stamped her feet.

"Don't you remember what Lancy said before? Don't you know what's going on with you? You won't stop until you hurt the baby, will you?" Marvin said seriously

Obviously, Freda was scared by his roar.

She had been so comfortable these days that she even forgot how terrible her brother was when he lost his temper.

Feeling wronged and warm, Freda softened her tone and said, "I'm worried about you and Lancy."

"What's the use of worrying? Can your worry solve the problem? Now everything is clear. Don't you know how capable Joseph is? Your most important task is to take good care of yourself. I'll take care of it. " Looking at the red eyes of Freda, Marvin said in a less serious tone. "It's not that you can't do anything. You and Myron should be responsible for comforting grandpa and grandma. Remember not to make the two of them suspicious. "

After receiving the order, Freda burst into laughter.

Marvin looked at Carl and said, "you have worked hard all night. Go back and have a rest."

"Okay, brother."

Freda nodded obediently. She was relieved to know that her brother still needed her help.

How could she not feel sorry for her own baby? How could she want to torture the Baby?

Before she left, she took Myron with her. The three of them adjusted their mood and left the Central Lake Pavilion as if nothing had happened.

Freda' room and Myron' room are very close to each other. They leave together and go their separate ways. Freda doesn't say a word to him.

Because Freda thought what her brother had just said was extremely harsh.

If Myron still didn't listen to him, it didn't make any sense no matter how much she said.

Myron seemed to be still immersed in the blow and went back to his room in dejection. He was defeated as if he was fleeing, because he knew that his sister and brother-in-law were always follow him.

It was no exaggeration to run away.

"Stop looking, Honey.

e way Freda acted as if she had taken advantage of him. This silly girl, he had never planned to stay out of this matter. He knew more about Lancy than Freda.

But the more she went out, the more serious the matter was.

Perhaps it was because of his curiosity that Carl had never thought of ignoring it. Since he had deliberately suppressed the "task", he was destined to be in it.

However, Freda didn't know the twists and turns. Carl had already seen that Marvin and the others had protected her well.

Carl couldn't comment on this.

He didn't like to hide anything, especially when it came to people close to him. From the fact that Carl deliberately revealed his past and his association with the underworld in front of Freda at one point one, he knew that he was not a person who would choose to hide it.

Carl lowered his eyes, with ups and downs in his eyes, and soon returned to normal.

Well, brother and sister are different from husband and wife. A brother wanted to protect his sister, while a couple had to fight side by side and grow old together. Therefore, the two methods were different only because they had different positions.

Let's wait and see. At present, the body of Freda is the most important. Telling her what the truth only increase her psychological burden. It would do her no good.

Freda shook her hand in front of him and asked curiously, "Hey, what are you thinking about? Unwilling? "

Carl took advantage of the opportunity to hold her hand and raised a dissolute smile, "yes, my wife. I will do my best."

These words was Carl's inner thought.

Freda's face turned red, but she held the man's hand in silence. They were the closest couple in the world. Why couldn't they rely on and trust each other?

Carl clasped his fingers and said, "don't worry. I'll take care of Marvin and Lancy."

"Well, I believe you." Freda raised her head. After the rain, there was no haze anymore.

It felt so good to have someone you could trust and rely on...

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