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   Chapter 472 Something Happened

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The more Freda thought about it, the more complicated it became, but she couldn't come up with a clue.

"Of course it's his fault." Joseph retorted sourly, not blaming Marvin for this. With Marvin's super vigilance, how could such a thing happen?

This time, it was Lancy who was framed. What about the next time?

Did they really want to die?

"Dr. Joseph, what are you talking about?" Freda widened her eyes.

Joseph remained unmoved. His eyes were full of concern for his friend. The most taboo for them is to lose their vigilance, to be unaware of the flaws and the coming of crisis. This is to tie their heads to their waistbands and fall on their heads anytime and anywhere.

Since her friend was injured this time, it could be regarded as a lesson.

"Joseph is right. I understand." Of course, Marvin knew his friend well. "Thank you."

Joseph felt a chill down his spine. Boss said 'Thank you' in a serious manner. His sudden move was really surprising! Well, let's get down to business.

"I think Lancy's condition can't be better in one or two days. You have to think of a complete explanation. It's definitely not a permanent solution to hide it. It's difficult to explain to Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Wilson, especially you have protected the Central Lake Pavilion well. "

These words were not only for Marvin, but also for Carl, Freda and Myron.

"We understand, Dr. Joseph." Freda nodded incessantly. She was relieved to know that Lancy was hypnotized, and the idea had been shifted to the chief culprit. She finally understood what her brother meant by saying, "What you see is not necessarily the truth. Don't make a decision easily before the truth comes out.".

But was it her illusion? A hint of confusion flashed through Freda's eyes. Why did she think that the reason why her brother said that was not only about his real sister-in-law, but also something else?

Did he mean himself?

Freda can't help but feel puzzled. Now the most important thing is Lancy's business.

"Dr. Joseph, is there any solution for her?" Myron said after a long silence. He couldn't interrupt the conversation between his brother, Joseph and Freda, but he listened carefully.

Of course, Joseph was disgusted with the treatment, but there was another problem involved. Why did Lancy's condition get worse and worse?

Instead of answering Myron's question immediately, Joseph stood up and walked around the room.

Joseph looked around and finally stopped in front of the bed, his eyes scanning like the most elite radar. They didn't know what he was looking for and what he was looking for. He suddenly thought of something while thinking. He grabbed the other pillow on the bed and sniffed hard.

Well, what's going on now?

Freda was totally in a mess. How could he smell the pillow in front of the owner? That was too, too, too?

That's ri

e person who is carrying out the task doesn't know why he did so. "

"So, even if someone catches him on the spot, even if he doesn't know what to do, how can he show his flaws and expose his plans?" Carl had figured out the reason.

"The person behind it must be very generous!" Marvin narrowed his eyes dangerously. The aura he released was depressing.

Joseph clapped his hands and threw all the troublesome things to Marvin. "Well, everything has been sorted out, and the patient has returned to a new environment. I'll leave the rest to you! I just need to treat my patients wholeheartedly. "

Joseph said and then walked out of the bedroom to prove his words.

The three brothers and sisters were left to discuss on their own.

Freda looked at her brother and then at her brother, Myron, pouting. She was not used to the current situation.

Marvin took a deep look at Myron and said, "I said I would let you know the truth. Now, you have known everything you should know. Have you given up? "

This made Freda's heart tighten. She unconsciously pinched Carl's hand. Did they talk about it when she didn't know? Did Marvin tell Myron everything?

Noticing the nervousness of Freda, Carl really wanted to give a long sigh. If it were him, he would have made a scene! Seeing his woman worrying about one, one, and another, he felt tired for her.

Myron was a little embarrassed. It took him a long time to find his voice. "I'm sorry, brother. I..."

"Myron, you're not sorry. You're making a deliberate mistake. It's the same for me and Lancy. " It was the first time that Marvin had been so harsh to his brother. "So, it's better not to say sorry than to say it out. Think about it yourself. I just hope you can remember one thing. "

If Myron didn't feel embarrassed in front of his sister and brother-in-law Carl, it must be fake.

But so what? He couldn't stop his brother, Marvin.

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