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   Chapter 471 The Situation Was Serious

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10046

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It was about five o'clock in the morning when Freda, Carl and Myron heard the hysterical scream. Although it lasted for a short time and quickly returned to calm, they were still awakened.

The three of them had something in their minds and wouldn't sleep too soundly.

Fortunately, Sherry's room was far away from the master bedroom because she needed to be quiet. Otherwise, even if they didn't want to wake her up, they couldn't do it.

Regardless of Carl's resistance, Freda put on it as soon as possible and ran towards the master bedroom.

However, Myron pushed the door open faster than her and saw that Joseph was giving Lancy a tranquilizer. The people who had been struggling gradually quieted down.

However, she fixed her eyes on Marvin and never looked away. As for the others, it seemed that they didn't seem to exist. At least, it didn't exist in Lancy's world.

A little closer, he could hear what Lancy was talking about.

The word "die" was enough to frighten Freda to death.

Seeing is believing. When what she was afraid of really happened in front of her, the impact could not be small, and it could not be described as shock.

How could a person in good condition become like this overnight? Freda hesitated and stepped forward. At this time, she had no time to complain. Her worry for Lancy and disbelief about it in front of her prevailed. "Oh my God! How could this be? How could it be?"

"When Lancy were with me yesterday morning, she was fine. It had only been one day. Why did she..."

It was not that Freda was making a fuss, but that she was really frightened.

Anyone with eyes could tell that Lancy was not a normal person at all. Although she couldn't tell, she just felt that such a Lancy was abnormal, absolutely abnormal.

Another person who couldn't believe it was Myron.

He also sighed. Although Myron had witnessed the whole process of the incident, in his opinion, it was more like that Lancy was irritated and lost her temper.

Being stimulated and losing temper was totally different from being in a state of madness.

If the Lancy he saw yesterday still looked like a normal person, then what he saw now was more like a lunatic, a complete lunatic.

"Her pupils are dilated, and her eyes are glassy. Her pupils are one circle smaller than the normal proportion. She is delirious, but she is still obsessed with one thing. Now I am sure that she has been hypnotized. " Joseph looked more serious than ever.

With the help of Carl, Freda could barely stand still. "Dr. Joseph, how could hypnosis attack people?"

"Why not? Hypnosis can make a person reveal the secret he or she has hidden in his or her heart, and make a person think that he or she is a cat or a dog. Why can't he or she attack a person by imitating the cat's bark or the dog's bark? " Joseph snorted. He had always hated such things. "It's just that it takes more effort to do it. Obviously, the person behind the conspiracy gave her the order to kill you and herse

still couldn't figure it out. A person who couldn't sleep for ten days could still stick to work and rest in the day. It could be seen how determined he was.

All of a sudden, something occurred to Marvin. "That painting..."

Then he took down the words on the left wall.

On that day, because Lancy didn't like this painting very much, they had planned to change it to another position. At the left corner, it was a blind spot, and normally it wouldn't easily appear in their sight.

"That's it!" Joseph's eyes lit up and finally found a clue. "It's it. A single glance can cause a great impact and stimulation. "

After a glance, Freda quickly looked away.

It was too dark and uncomfortable.

Especially for pregnant women, such a visual impact was no less than bloody scenes.

Even Carl felt uncomfortable to see people who were used to fighting and killing.

"Damn it!" Marvin smashed two fists at the edge of the bed. He was careless. He thought it was the Mrs. Wilson's trick without verification. How could he know that someone had made it on purpose!

He should have been more careful. He could have avoided such a thing!

Finally, Marvin realized his problem. He was immersed in happiness. He was paralyzed by that beautiful feeling and lost his vigilance in the past. That was why he made a mistake today.

"Brother, please don't do that. It's not your fault. We don't want it." Seeing this, Freda was anxious. "It's all that people's fault. The schemer is too shrewd to think of such a trick. It's too much. Is that man coming for you or Lancy? "

In the eyes of Freda, her sister-in-law, Lancy, was the most aloof person. Even if she had offended some people, she wouldn't have been set up like this.

However, Marvin had made many enemies in the business world and many people were plotting against him secretly. Now she thought about it. After being hypnotized, Lancy waved the knife at her brother. It could be seen that the man was aimed at her brother, right?

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