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   Chapter 465 Miss The Party

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Marvin lost his patience and asked," What are you going to do after knowing the truth? If I were with Lancy, would you give up completely? If we break up now... Are you going to chase her? "

Myron was shocked and numerous ideas came to his mind at that moment.

His gaze met that of Marvin. His elder brother's eyes were cold, even more frightening than the snow in winter. Such cold was enough to calm Myron down.

Myron went back to his seat, he was downcast. "I don't think so! Anyway, I have known about it. What's more, how long can you conceal your injury? Now grandpa is at home. Can you keep yourself in Central Lake Pavilion and not let others in? You need help now.

Let's leave you two aside first. If you still want to be together, you can't let anyone else know about it. No matter how much grandpa likes her, he will never forgive anyone who dares to hurt you."

Upon hearing this, Marvin fell into silence, which was exactly what he was worried about.

If this matter was known by others, Lancy would be in a dangerous situation in this family!

Marvin was lost in thought and didn't mention Myron's departure.

After giving his brother a meaningful look, Marvin turned around and walked into the bedroom. Lancy fell asleep in his deep black eyes. Perhaps she would be much quieter only when she was in a coma?

He would never forget how crazy she was in the back garden.

In fact, in the face of Myron's questioning, Marvin did not want to say. But he was more important that he did not know what had happened to Lancy.

Actually, he was uncertain.

Marvin had suspicion.

Marvin touched Lancy's forehead. Strangely, the temperature was a little high? 'Does she have a fever?' But how could that be?

Following behind Marvin, Myron also noticed his petty action. "A high fever? When will Dr. Joseph be here? Do we have anti fever medicines? "

As soon as he said that, he turned around to look for tthe madicine, but was stopped by Marvin.

"No, not now."

"Why not?" Regardless of his identity and gender, Myron touched Lancy's hand. Her temperature was really high! "Are you going to let her have a fever? There must be anti fever medicines at home. I'll go and get them... "

"You, stop!" Marvin lost his temper. He finally managed to reveal his true feelings. "If you want to stay here, you must listen to me! Otherwise, get out! "

"But..." Myron wanted to refute.

Marvin waved his hand and interrupted him again, "it's up to me whether you want to go out or not."

"You!" Myron had no choice but to compromise. He looked at Lancy worriedly and asked, "do you wan

ied? Besides, your parents already accepted me as their son-in-law! "

"Yes, yes, you're right. But we haven't." Replied Freda.

Hearing this, Carl was stunned. Then he looked at Freda with shining eyes and said, "why don't we go to get the marriage license tomorrow? That's the way it is now. Whether it's an engagement ceremony or a wedding ceremony, they can get the marriage certificate first! What do you think? Go ahead? I think today is the day. How about tomorrow? "

Why didn't Carl think of this before? So he thought it was a good idea. A strong man like Mr. Carl even dared to act cute in front of Freda.

It was just a sudden change of style, and it was not difficult at all.

Looking at her poor little eyes, Justin was full of expectation and anxiety, just like a child asking mommy to buy toys, as if he wouldn't leave or stay.

Freda was so amused by him that she couldn't help laughing. Carl behaved like a child.

However, what Carl did made Freda so sweet and comfortable.

"What do you think? Freda?" Tomorrow? " Carl drew Freda and was unwilling to let her go.

Finally, under the look of Carl, Freda nodded shyly.

Just as what Carl said, a wedding ceremony was important, but the real marriage relationship needed to be registered in the Civil Affairs Bureau. Moreover, she was going to marry him. No, it didn't matter even if they got the marriage license as soon as possible.

In fact, Freda liked to see the way Carl behaved eager.

Carl finally got what he wanted. He couldn't keep smiling, showing his white teeth. "Then tonight..." The ending of the speech was long, and this was probably a hint that was most likely.

'shame on him! After so many things, why was he still talking about this?'

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