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   Chapter 390 She Is Not A Member Of Lu Clan

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Mrs. Wilson's eyes lit up as she stared at Mr. Sidney.

"From now on, the Wilson Group won't give special advantage to the Lan Group. I'd like to see how far she can go without the support of the Lu Clan!" Mr. Sidney should have made this decision the moment the accident happened! "Don't worry. I'll talk to Glen. You must keep a close watch on everything that happened in this family. Do you understand?"

Mrs. Wilson nodded incessantly. How could she not understand.

As a matter of fact, Sidney was not the kind of guy who would suffer losses. After so many years of rest, almost everyone forgot his iron hand. The tiger was still a tiger even if it was in deep sleep, and it would never become a cat.

Mrs. Wilson was scared and relieved as she saw Sidney was at the center of the storm. Luckily, she didn't add fuel to the fire. Otherwise, Mr. Sidney would think she couldn't be forgiven!

She now remembered what kind of person Sidney had been through all those years!

People's memory was really horrible and wonderful. As the head of the family, he had controlled the whole Wilson Group at a young age. Nobody could imagine what he had experienced. How could such a man be a good man?

Perhaps, she had led an easy and comfortable life these years. Mrs. Wilson had even forgotten the things that she should not forget.

But, fortunately, she didn't do that.

'what a shame!' Mrs. Wilson thought to herself. However, she couldn't worry too much about something that hadn't happened! Anyway, Lancy was the one who was unlucky.

Thinking of this, Mrs. Wilson felt much more relieved.

She couldn't wait to tell the whole world that Lancy was expelled from the Lu Clan! In fact, she really did it.

The decision made by Lu Clan was like a snow in the sky which let everyone living in this land get the news accurately and wrongly.

Alaska was not the center of power, but it was also one of the first-line cities in the country.

It seemed that the Lu Clan did it on purpose. They even gave a push to the Lan Clan and the Lan Group at the back, creating a most severe storm. Of course, Lancy was the first to be affected.

Because it was Lancy who came out to talk about the cooperation with Glen, people got interests in this woman first. She didn't do anything loyal to the Lu family, nor did she try to destroy the reputation of her husband's family. When the media revealed that she had been driven away by the Lu Clan, people should accept her as they wished.

The public opinions changed. It seemed that the Lu Clan was the victim, and Lancy had been criticized by the public for thousands of times.

The news was spread to the senior executives of the Lan Group.

Nina must be the happiest one?

Since she knew about rumors about the Lu Clan and Lancy, she had paid attention to them. In particular, for the following two or three days, Lancy did not come back.

From then on, Nina knew that she might have succeeded!

Oh, happiness came s

as not afraid of offending people. The arrowhead pointed at Nina directly.

Thanks to David's reminding, people finally realized that it was indeed Nina who had brought it up.

"Hey, I was just suggesting. I didn't force her to do it. She made her own choice, okay?" Nina said.

"Is it meaningful to pursue who is lying now?" Mr. Ceng could not bear to see Lancy like this, thinking that she must be the most painful one? "It was decided by all of us. Time limit for our cooperation was given Since we don't get a good result, we have to face it together. "

"I hold the stock in steady condition, but after something happening to the Lu Clan, it is going down again," This was really a headache.

Mr. Ceng said seriously, "Lancy, directors, if we can't get through this crisis, the company will be over."

The most urgent thing for the moment was to solve the problem, not to pursue whose responsibility.

"Is it possible, to make it up?" "After all, you two haven't gotten divorced yet." Latin asked.

Everyone held their breath and looked at Lancy expectantly.

Her small face was as small as a human's and her eyes were as red as rabbit's.

It suddenly dawned on everyone. How could they forget that she was kicked out of the Lu Clan and was about to be forced to divorce! After all, as a girl, they cared more about their marriage, their husband and the relationship with their parents in law than about the company's overall situation.

For this point, even Latin had given a full of tolerance to it.

"I don't know. I don't know why." Lancy seemed to be out of her mind and her eyes were empty. "Grandpa definitely won't forgive me, but I don't want to divorce, what should I do now? What should I do? "

The weak always could easily arouse people's sympathy.

In particular, rumors were spreading too fast. They were all attacking Lancy... Others might not know, but the insiders were very clear.

Except for Nina, all the people present were Lancy's elders.

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