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   Chapter 388 Be Honest With Each Other

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9795

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Lancy wanted to know the story between Marvin and 'her'. Or perhaps that should be the story of their love.

Repressing his excitement, Marvin explained the story slowly.

Since when? Let's start from that day on the cruise ship, when we first met in six years.

Marvin's voice had unspeakable magic. Although it couldn't be described as love, it was because there was no beautiful words but empty words. Usual words, or even intriguing emotions, were especially real.

Hearing that, Lancy was fascinated. It was hard to describe her feelings. She was very surprised and mysterious. It seemed that she had spent an indescribable life.

The ancestral hall was very quiet, and the sound of wind and rain could be heard.

The night was special. If someone passed by the ancestral hall, he could hear some steady but subtle sounds coming from inside.

The ancestral hall was truly different from the last generation and loneliness.

The night was long and short.

It was too long for people who were worried about Lancy and Marvin, but was too short for themselves.

When the day broke, Lancy was in a trance and realized so many things had happened between her and him that she could not finish them all at night.

It was incredible, and she couldn't believe her eyes.

Of course, Lancy gave her opinion before long night. For example, when boss was about to tell her how they spent their wedding night in a perfect and detailed way, how sexy and excited they with each other, and even what the little tricks of a couple were like, Lancy would spare no effort to strangle him in the cradle.

She swore to God that she didn't want to know at all. She had no curiosity at all. God was testifying!

To some extent, it was an extremely beautiful night.

"It's dawn." Replied Marvin.

Kneeling on the ground all night was a small case for both Lancy and Marvin. After all, they survived in the most violent and most cruel environment. As ordinary people, there were few things that could beat them down.

As a result, they did not look embarrassed or haggard at all.

Marvin looked straight into her eyes. He had heard the details and process, so he knew what Lancy was thinking about? Do you have something to say?

Hearing that, Lancy pulled the corners of her mouth into a smile. In a blink of an eye, she wanted to say, "it's a sunny day today! A good day to kneel down in the ancestral temple...

"It's dawn. What are you going to do next?" Marvin looked at Lancy who was deceiving herself, then left with her. "Grandfather won't let it go for a while."

Hearing that, Lancy rolled her eyes and said, "I know. I need you to tell me more!"

They looked at each other and exchanged glances. Only they knew what was going on.

Lancy pointed at her small ears, and the two smiled at each other.

"The final time limit given by the board is the day after tomorrow. I can't sta

hat did you say? We can pretend that nothing has happened! If we involve this time, even if they are driven out of the Lu Clan, Mr. Sidney will blame it on us when the anger is put out. "

This caused misunderstandings.

"Madam, do you mean that we will do nothing?" Mrs. Lena was unwilling to give up. She took the risk of being expelled from the Lu Clan to inquire about the news, but she did nothing in the end?

Then, what was the meaning of her adventure?

Mrs. Wilson nodded and said, "it's better for Mr. Sidney to find it out himself than we talk to him. Lancy is going to run away, right? Go and ask someone to let Lancy back home successfully. "

Mrs. Lena understood what she meant and nodded.

With the biggest relief, Mrs. Wilson fell asleep. Sandra managed to open her eyes and whispered, "OK. You are tired. Go downstairs first."

But Mrs. Lena didn't move. It was obvious that she had something to say.

"Well, I will ask someone to help your grandson get into the school."

Mrs. Lena had been with Mrs. Wilson for many years. She had been devoted herself to her work even if she was not recognized. And of course, Mrs. Wilson did not treat her badly. Mrs. Lena didn't lack money, but wanted to send her grandson to a noble school.

A real noble school was not easy to enter with money. It required recommendation.

Mrs. Lena could only depend on her master.

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Lena was overjoyed. She thanked Kevin again and again, and then she went out of the room obediently.

Mrs. Wilson liked the feeling of being looked up upon and relied on.

Mrs. Wilson had a good sleep, waiting for the "falling apart" time.

In her dream, Mrs. Wilson had already seen what was going on that day. If Marvin insisted on maintaining Lancy, he might lose his position in Lu Clan! As for Lancy, she has no place in Lu Clan.

It was the most beautiful dream that Mrs. Wilson had ever had in the past year.

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