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   Chapter 385 The Last Chance

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Although Sidney didn't say it clearly, everyone knew what he meant. He really took Lancy as a family.

Just like you are short of money, you can borrow from us, but never steal! They had different meanings.

"Exactly. Whose daughter-in-law would move her family's things to her mother's home? It is obvious that she is working on her family and taking advantage of other people!" Mrs. Wilson was mean. 'Make it up to Mr. Sidney'

She could do nothing but cursed Lancy.

Lancy's eyes were giving off a dangerous light. It was almost like an illusion, and it was about to emerge in the next second.

"Lancy..." Marvin called her name softly.

When Lancy saw clearly the tension and worry in his eyes, she gradually calmed down.

She couldn't help but think of the scenes that she didn't want to but often popped up.

He said that he trusted her wholeheartedly and hoped she could give the same trust.

He said, whether it was her at present, or that kind and simple her, he would always like her, because no matter which side it was, it was always Lancy.

He told her not to be afraid. He was here with her. He would protect her.

They gazed at each other. It seemed that tens of thousands of years had passed.

After a long time, Lancy looked away as if she was angry.

Others must have misunderstood them.

"Lancy, your grandpa is asking you. Why are you looking at Marvin?" "Humph, we're all here. She can't do anything to us now," Mrs. Wilson thought.

Even if Marvin was here today, nothing would be good for him.

"I knew the relationship between the Glen and the Lu Clan from the very beginning. I can't deny it!" Lancy blurted out

Everyone was shocked. Did Lancy admit that she did it on purpose?

'oh my God! I can't believe my eyes!

Lancy is a brave woman.

Hearing what she said, everyone was shocked. Mr. Sidney jumped up from his chair. He raged, "you knew it from the beginning?"

Marvin's heart sank. He knew he shouldn't have any hope.

"Grandpa, Lancy means that..."

"Shut up!" Sidney lowered his head to look at his elixir field. "Let her speak by herself! Go on, Lancy. "

Marvin understood that the more he helped Lancy now, the less likely his grandfather would be to like her.

Both Marvin and Lancy understood it.

Both of them were smart people, so they knew it. But this didn't mean others also understood it.

As Mr. Sidney lost his temper, Marvin didn't say anything more, which made people feel wronged.

Lancy raised her head and looked at Mr. Sidney with her big round and black eyes. It was the first time she had officially see this old man.

It suddenly occurred to Lancy that he was not only the grandpa of Marvin, but also the grandpa of the Lu Clan. He was also the previous master

at was what the girl thought. Yes, she would be absolutely furious and no doubt.

Marvin couldn't help following them.

The meeting was once again a small party for the three of them. No one said anything about the decision made by Mr. Sidney.

At the very least, people who were present wouldn't make it.

They watched as the three entered the study. At present, the only thing they could do was to wait!

Among them, Mrs. Wilson was the most suffering. Time after time, since Lancy entered the door, she had been like this! Whatever happened to her family or the business of the group, it was their secret meeting without any rules. The feeling of being excluded made her hatred to the extreme.

Obviously, she was the mistress of the Lu Clan and the wife of Mr. Sidney.

What Mrs. Wilson worried most was that they played tricks again. When Mr. Sidney left the study, Lancy had been out of danger.

Mrs. Wilson was restless, but time seemed to be deliberately against her. Time passed more and more slowly.

Worried, Freda asked herself, "she will be fine, won't she? Marvin will take good care of her. "

Since Myron was the nearest to Freda, it was understandable for Freda to ask him such a question.

After all, Myron had been defeated by himself in terms of his selfish heart. He nodded his head very seriously and said from the bottom of his heart, "she will be fine. Marvin won't let anything happen to her. Don't worry!"

Freda was stunned because it didn't expect that and nodded her head hastily.

Since there was no one else with her, Mrs. Wilson couldn't help but mock, "why do you speak for her, Myron and Freda? Is your relationship so good now? "

... Yeah, Mrs. Wilson was mocking him.

Upon hearing this, both of them became pale. But Freda managed to smile and said, "grandma, Lancy is really nice to us."

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