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   Chapter 384 Importune

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"……" Upon hearing this, Marvin was stunned. He didn't expect Lancy to think so. "Lancy, do you know how torturing you are?"

Marvin couldn't be more furious. He really wanted to swallow her up!

In fact, he did so.

Lancy opened her eyes in horror. A mass of dark figures came up at a fast speed and harassed her.

It was always easy for men and women to "mess around". One was aggressive, while the other tried her best to defend herself.

The girl raised her eyebrows smugly. Perhaps it was because she had been attacked too many times by the man that she had now focused on defense.

She just didn't open her mouth. She wanted to see what he could do! Well, this is Lancy. She is just a girl who can do whatever she wants.

You can't deceive me by the look on your face. I know when a girl kisses, she would keep her eyes wide open and watch you kissing? Obviously, she was careless. This was a challenge for men.

Marvin raised his eyebrows. Well, if he couldn't get in, then he was not allowed to get in! He bit Lancy with a little desire.

Lancy pushed him away because of the pain. She covered her mouth in disbelief. Damn it! He did bite her! It was not a gentle bite between a man and a woman, but a real sense.

Bitten... Bitten... Lancy saw countless mud horses rush over in front of her, and the skin of her mouth was broken. It was clear that this man was ruthless.

"You bastard!" Numerous small fists fell on Marvin, the man laughed in a low voice inexplicably.

Maybe, every dog has his day?

Marvin gazed after her red lips which were bitten by him. He felt a sense of accomplishment inexplicably and left a mark on her body, as if only in this way could he prove that she belonged to him!

Lancy wiped her lips hardly. She didn't care whether it hurt or not. She knew how complacent he was now!

Lancy was about to get off angrily, but Marvin stopped her successfully.

"I am angry not because I don't trust you." Sitting on the driver's seat, Marvin looked ahead as if he didn't notice what Lancy was doing. "It's just that I don't like your and other man's names being placed on the list."

Hearing that, Lancy's hand on the car door paused. Without turning her head, she walked into the Lu Mansion by steady steps.

Marvin knew that she heard it.

It was also this time that the man realized something, or should have said that he had found a breakthrough.

The man stared at the woman who was fleeing away... Marvin looked up at the blue sky and then the sunshine. Who knew his Lancy One day, she would run away too?

Seeing Marvin's reaction, Lancy didn't know what happened. All she wanted was that she could walk faster and faster. It seemed that only walking at full speed could cover up the fact that her heart was racing.

'I'm going crazy! Damn it! I'm going crazy!'! Lancy lowered her head with one hand on her chest to prevent flushed face from being seen. She was definitely


After everyone expected that Lancy would admit it so directly. All right?

Then there was nothing else.

It seemed that Lancy didn't want to explain anymore. She was supposed to defend herself! From what she had heard from the Lu Clan, she should know that if she made a mistake, Lu Clan wouldn't forgive her. How could she let him go so easily?

'Is she an idiot?' You silly girl!

Mr. Sidney frowned again. No explanation? "Do you know the relationship between the mining company and the Wilson Group?"

The leader's momentum had scattered, and Mr. Sidney was more like questioning, more like forcing! Mr. Sidney was determined to find out the truth.

Lancy didn't like Mr. Sidney's attitude to her.

To put it bluntly, it was impossible from the beginning of the cooperation between Glen and Wilson Group, and what's the point of questioning her?

Just like in a supermarket, if you don't buy a commodity yourself, can you forbid others to buy it?

Isn't it too overbearing?

Without her memory, Lancy only treated Marvin casually, let alone Mr. Sidney.

Lancy's face was gloomy. She would lose her temper at any time.

As soon as Marvin noticed her abnormality, he could not help but become nervous! How could he have forgotten that Lancy followed her own will and would only yield to the weak but not to the strong. Now she was iron hearted. They were meaningless to her!

He knew that his grandfather would not forgive her for his questioning...

For the first time, Marvin was truly nervous. To be honest, he didn't want the relationship between Lancy and his grandfather to be stiff.

"Mr. Glen is the partner of the Wilson Group. As the daughter-in-law of the Lu Clan, you should know what you should do and what you shouldn't." Mr. Sidney's tone was very tough at first, but when he thought of the past of this child, he finally became gentle. "If the Lan Group needs help, you can ask us for help, not fight alone!"

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